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LFT Society
LFT Society
Pre-made members of the LFT Society

The LFT Society is the secret society in La Fiesta Tech, a college neighborhood in The Sims 2: University. The society there has the smallest of all the pre-made Secret Society lots, but more pre-made members than the other secret societies.

In the main building of the lot, there is a small bathroom, but no shower or dresser. There is also a small kitchen, with a refrigerator and a mid-range stove. However, there is no dining area; Sims will either have to eat standing up or sit in one of the few chairs and hold their plate. There is a basement with a computer, a Prints Charming Fingerprint Scanner from the Law Enforcement career and a counterfeiting machine. On the ground floor, there is a pool table and a dartboard, as well as a Resurrect-O-Nomitron from the Paranormal career and a SimSanto Inc. Biotech Station from the Science career. There is a chess table on a patio in the back.

In a greenhouse that's separated from the main building, there is a AquaGreen Hydroponic Garden, which is the career reward for the Slacker career. Also, a Laganaphyllis Simnovorii from the Natural Science career can be found in the completely fenced off yard beside the house.


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