Laguna Vista Instant Pond
Game The Sims: Hot Date
Buyable Buy mode
Price §9,999
Type Misc.
Size 4x4

"For over 20 years, Laguna Vista has specialized in urban and garden pond design and construction. With buried steel walls, BacteriBlaster, and 100 horsepower aerator and pump, the enjoyment of an unspoiled ecosystem is never interrupted or a chore. A perfect place to feed fish with your date or to sail boats with the kids. Laguna Vista Ponds- no mess, no worries...what else do you need to know?"

The Laguna Vista Instant Pond is an object introduced in The Sims: Hot Date. It is normally found on Downtown community lots, but can also be placed on residential lots. If it is on a community lot with a rental shack, Sims will be able to buy fish food or rent a radio-controlled boat.