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Sim interacting with Nicholas Landchild, a landlord.

The Landlord is an NPC that came with The Sims 2: Apartment Life and The Sims 4: City Living. Their job is to maintain the communal living space of the apartment and collect rent from tenants.

The Sims 2: Apartment LifeEdit

When a Sim first enters an apartment lot, the landlord will come to greet them and will wait until the player chooses an apartment. Then the landlord will want the Sim to sign the rental agreement and pay the rent.

Landlords will come every day to repair broken objects, do the gardening and clean outdoors. They will also throw an apartment party every Saturday, where they order pizza (or grill if a barbeque is present in a communal area), while other neighbors socialize.

If a Sim has a high enough relationship with the landlord, they have a good chance that their rent will be reduced.

Landlords can even marry and move in with a Sim, and they will be replaced by a new Landlord.

The pre-made landlords are the same for every neighborhood, but they will have randomly assigned names in each game.

List of landlordsEdit

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The Sims 4: City LivingEdit

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The Urbz: Sims in the CityEdit

One of the villains in The Urbz: Sims in the City, Harry Snivel is also the player's landlord and repo-man. As the player's reputation rises and the other apartments are unlocked, the rent that the player must pay increases. Refusal to pay the rent first time will have him come to the apartment to give the player a second chance to pay. If the player again refuses to pay, he will reposess some items in order to cover the bill. A larger bill cannot be evaded by having the player living in the first apartment when all three are unlocked.