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Laundromat is a community lot assignment introduced in The Sims 3: Ambitions. Sims can go to these lots to wash their clothes, benefiting from the laundry system introduced in Ambitions.

To do laundry at a laundromat, zoom the camera there and interact with one of the washing machines. Your Sim will gather laundry and take it to the laundromat where they will be charged a fee. The higher quality machines charge more and aren't eco-friendly, but offer better moodlets and a small chance of finding the mysterious laundry gnome.

Varieties Edit

Cleanesque Laundromat Edit

Cleanesque Laundromat
Cleanesque Laundro
Type: Community
Value: §79,405
Size: 15x30
Number of floors: 2
Neighborhood: Twinbrook

The Cleanesque Laundromat is the laundromat in Twinbrook. It has two floors. At groundlevel is the laundromat where you will find washing machines and dryers, expensive and cheap ones. Ground level also features bathrooms and a garage for any driving customers. Upstairs is a vacant floor, ready for decoration. The remains of Macy Clay can be found behind the parking lot.

Gallery Edit

Sudsy Time Laundromat Edit

Sudsy Time Laundromat
Sudsy Time Laundromat
Type: Community
Value: §N/A
Size: 20x30
Number of floors: 2

The Sudsy Time Laundromat is the laundromat from The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff Pack. It can be found in the lots and houses bin and is available to be placed in any neighborhood once Town Life Stuff has been installed. The lot has two floors - a ground (first) floor, containing numerous washers, dryers, and sinks, as well as laundry-themed décor, and a second floor, which contains a foosball table and some chairs, as well as a large balcony. It has a modern look and a 20x30 size.

Creating a laundromat Edit

Players can create their own laundromat for other neighborhoods either by copying the Cleanesque Laundromat from Twinbrook or making their own. A laundromat lot needs only a washing machine and a dryer to function, but there must also be a laundry-related object at the home of the active family so that dirty clothes will be generated.

You can also make laundromats with the patch which came with ambitions but you will either need store content for the washers/dryers, CC, or get The Sims 3: Ambitions. The University Life adds a dryer and a washing machine, giving you access to laundromats too.

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