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Lefebvre family
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Lefebvre family
Name Lefebvre family
Members André Lefebvre, Aimée Lefebvre, Alain Lefebvre
Number of generations 2 generations
Lot 100 East Northbank Boulevard
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3WA Icon The Sims 3: World Adventures
Playability Unplayable
Neighborhood Champs Les Sims

The Lefebvre family is a foreign family who lives in Champs Les Sims from The Sims 3: World Adventures. The family consits of André, his wife Aimée, and their son Alain. All the Lefebvres are blonde and their names start with an A. They are classified as a rich family.

The Lefebvre family is mentioned in one of the object descriptions from The Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff. Interestingly, Aimée being the only sim in Champs Les Sims with blue eyes is referenced in the description.

Family tree

Lefebvre Family Tree


Photo album

Triomphant Textiles - Left

The object description in which the Lefebvre family is mentioned.

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