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"Squeezin' It" Lemonade Stand
Lemonade stand
Is it lemonade time? Are your neighbors parched? Are they screaming for someone with that magical lemony touch? With the "Squeezin' It" Lemonade Stand you can be their sour savior. Brought to you by Ripco, makers of haphazard structures for all ages.
Game The Sims 2: Open for Business
Buyable Buy mode
Price §120
Type money, skill
Size 1x2
Lemonade stand

The Lemonade stand is an object added in The Sims 2: Open for Business. It is found under Miscellaneous/Kids in Buy mode. It enables children to make lemonade in 6-cup batches, and sell it for an average price of about §6-9 per cup. The stand trains the cooking skill and has no recolors.

While older Sims can make and sell lemonade, the lemonade stand is one of the few ways that child Sims can make money. If Seasons is installed, Sims who have lemons in inventory can stock the lemonade stand for free.

Children will often have a minor want to get a lemonade stand. Older Sims can smash a lemonade stand, and if a stand is present, children may also have a fear of having it smashed by other Sims.

Lemonade stands are similar to the bake sale from The Sims 3: Ambitions.

A lemonade stand is also featured in The Sims 3 Store which is part of the Humble Harvest Stands premium content. A child can sell a variety of different juices made from various harvestable produce.