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Lerner's Bluff
Lerner's Bluff
Type: Residential
Size: 40x40
Number of floors: 1
Occupants: Lerner family
Neighborhood: Wanmami Island

Lerner's Bluff is the home of the Lerner family, who live on Wanmami Island.

Exterior Edit

A swing is located next to the travel portal. There are logs around the house. There are a lot of trees located on the lot, including one banana tree and one papaya tree. A water tower and a toilet are located near the papaya tree.

Interior Edit

There are three huts located on the lot. The biggest hut consists of a kitchen, bathroom and a dining room. The second hut is the location of the master bedroom where Walter and Daniela sleep. The third hut is a big bedroom, which is consists of a nursery for Danny and a bed for Nora.

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