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While the reason is never given, it is quite obvious that Lilith Pleasant's parents overwhelmingly favored Angela. Why is unknown. Place your theories below.


  • I think it's just that Angela was better behaved. She's always "grown up well" and her sister mostly didn't, so maybe when things first went wrong for Lilith it reflected on her behavior, so her parents favor the kid that favors everything else. And it says Angela is "patient and dutiful". I can't imagine a parent who doesn't want their daughter to be like that. Hurshbr (talk) 01:55, April 1, 2013 (UTC)Hurshbr
  • I think that when Mary-Sue was pregnant, they had no idea that they were having twins, so since Angela was the oldest, they favored her. Another reason they favored Angela is because Lilith made Mary-Sue have to be in labor longer. Alyxvance73 (talk) 23:21, January 12, 2013 (UTC)
  • I always thought that it was everybody's fault on Pleasantview that make Lilith to be a rebel girl.I think its time to teach my sims a lesson.Then i have my CAS sim to move to the pleasant to take Lilith away from them so that she would be take care properly.then I killed Angela becuz she is very anoying becuz she is always spoiled by her parents.than i killed Dustin Broke,and i move my Sim to the Pleasant.I sold Angela and Dustin's tomb to make simoleons to be used to buy food for Lilith and her new parents (my Cas Sims)then i have Mary and Dany died and sell their tomb too,and the Pleasant's house is my CAS Sims' house.I always treat sims who always treat their child or friends badly badly.So its their parents fault that Lilith is she turns out to be nice and smarter.This is my tip : if you have your sims treat their child badly,treat your sims badly too,because,we already buy the game,The sims and the neighborhoods are ours,We are their controllers,so we have to control them and take care of them properly,if they are bad,treat them badly too,if they are nice and take care their childs fairly,treat them as good as you can.
  • I think that Lilith was a rebellious child when she was younger so Mary-Sue and Daniel saw that she was so independent and so they didn't pay so much attention to her because they knew Lilith wouldn't like it. Bakerychaz 12:48, May 6, 2012 (UTC)
  • Mary-Sue and Daniel only wanted one child but since lilith was the younger one (family memories) they didn't treat her good.
  • Heres an idea. Maybe Mary-Sue loved both the twins but she was too busy with work to teach Lillith her toddler skills or socialise with her. That explains their low relationship. So Mary-Sue asked Daniel to teach Lillith her skills but he wasnt bothered and just watched T.V while Mary-Sue was gone. When she came back he might have pretended Angela was Lillith so she would think that Lillith could use the toilet, walk and talk. And he was too busy doing stuff with Kaylynn to pay attention to Lillith which explains their low relationship. So thats my theory.
  • I think Daniel and Mary-Sue only wanted one child. It does appear to be that Angela was born first, since she always grew up before Lilith and (According to Daniel and Mary-Sue's memories) was born first, so maybe the parents were content with Angela but wasn't happy when they found out they had another child, and therefore probably didn't treat her with as much affection. I don't think they abused her though, since the Pleasants are over-confident and stuck-up perfectionists, they probably wanted to maintain that appearance, so Lilith wasn't abused, but she wasn't loved either. That's just my opinion.
  • The theory above is good, more I think only that Lilith is the rebel type of child just like Dustin Broke.
  • I also agree with the first one but mabey the Lilith was put up for adoption but was never taken because of her rebelous nature and so hoping that she would be taken they never taught her toddler skills?
  • I think that the Pleasants were expecting only 1 child, and that was Angela. i think that the doctor gave them the wrong info.i think that they had another name just in case and that name was Lilith.thats the only way to me that it would make scence. from, bvbfan1
  • I'm convinced that Angela and Lilith were Daniel's "clones" just as Brandi's unborn son is her "clone". Otherwise they would have black hair and brown eyes.
  • I agree with lots of people here that Daniel && Mary-Sue only wanted one child. Maybe this forced Lilith to be abnoxious etc., because she didn't feel loved.
  • Probably, acording to the first one, they wanted only one child, and then surprisingly had two, and they did, however, keep loving Angela and throwing Lilith away, but they did take care of her only because, if the social worker did get knowing about it, it would take Lilith and Angela, so to don't have Angela been taken away along with Lilith, they did actually take care about Lilith, and obviously, didn't take the opportunity of having Lilith taken away when they aged Angela to teen. (sorry about crappy english, i'm brazillian)
  • i think that they were expecting only 1 child, which was Angela. they probably had Lillth over surprise. they probably just thought up a name, which was the name of lillth. from, bvbfan1
  • Probably Lillith was poor and unwanted so everyone turned against her she was proberly born mean and nasty but I think she's jealous about Angela being an Overachiver.BTW she so deserves that Dreamer kid.
  • I think Lilith was just different than her sister, and her parents couldn't appreciate it. Maybe when they fought, Angela tattled on Lilith's faults, and when Angela was mean to Lilith, she was to shy to tell her parents, so slowly they began to favor Angela.
  • In my opinion the first one is probably a good reason, but another theory could be that Angela was secretly spoiled inside, and whenever she did any bad things she pushed it off, lied to her parents, and put the blame finger on Lilith.
  • Maybe Pleasants don't love Lilith because she is different. They are kinda perfect and stuck-up, and Lilith just isn't like that. Angela was born first, sho she was probably determined to take care of the surname, and since Lilith was second, they thought she isn't so important. Also, Daniel hates Dustin Broke, because he don't want want bad-boy for his daughter, so he protects Angela and don't have time for Lilith. And Mary-Sue is preoccupied with her job so she don't care for her either. And maybe Lilith is more inteligence than Angela and is objective, so she see there are some problems in family (Kaylynn Langerak), and she fights with Angela because she thinks everything is ok.-Anchy1991
  • Hello!I agree with the first theory.But it still isn't right of her parents! BTW,how can Lilith can walk,talk and use the toliet if she never was taught her toddler skills?Peace out! 18:27, January 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • I agree with the first theory suggested, in that Daniel and Mary-Sue were not expecting twins when Angela and Lilith were born. However, they may have attemped to love Lilith as much as they did Angela, yet as Angela has always seemed to be cruel to her sister, it may be that she corrupted her parents against Lilith, like always blaming Lilith whenever she did anything bad, and as such, Daniel and Mary Sue automatically began to trust their little Angela more. This, which is fairly obvious, is what caused Lilith to simply act the way her parents belive her to act on a regular basis, and dress all gothic. Elliot Goth 17:06, February 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • I thought that perhaps it was the parents' careers. Teaching toddler skills takes time and both Daniel and Mary-Sue are in quite high-powered, difficult jobs. Also, the twins are identical. They may have thought that they were teaching toddler skills as best they could with both of their twins, and didn't realise that they only completed any of them with one of their girls. In terms of childhood and teenage, it seems like maybe Angela bought into the idea that appearances really do matter a lots, whereas Lilith didn't. Over time, that's morphed into Lilith actively rejecting her family's stated values, while Angela tries so hard to be perfect that she's heading for a nervous breakdown - Timbo
  • I think Lillith is not loved by her parents because maybe Daniel and Mary-Sue (parents) only wanted 1 child. It says in their memory that they had Angela first so they were happy but when they got Lillith they gave all the attention to Angela. In their memory niether one of them potty trained or taught to talk Lillith. Therefore she felt left out and started doing bad things.
  • I don't think it's because they only wanted one child. I think it's because they are just not that great of parents. Angela has a positive relationship with her parents but its 20/20 for both. Its not like they are even friends. Lilith has a negative relationship. I think Mary-Sue was just too focused on her works to be boggled down with kids, and Daniel is a romance sim, he didn't want to become married and have kids. He is more worried about his career as a athlete and his romances. So I don't think they gave either one of them a lot of attention. Also twins have different personality. One twin style is preppy and the other one is goth and there is nothing wrong with that. Lilith is just different.
  • I think Lilith could be misunderstood. Angela looks like a well behaved preppy girl but she could be evil and spoiled deep deep inside - she could be double faced. and maybe she is lieing to her parents and blaming Lilith for all the bad things she does. how do you know? but it could be the opposite too, i guess.
  • I think that The Pleasants were only expecting one child (Angela) But were suprised that they had twins. But Daniel and Mary-Sue parents only had time for one child each. Mary-Sue took Angela and Daniel took Lilith. Mary-Sue taught Angela to Walk and Talk but Daniel mistook Angela for Lilith and assumed Mary-Sue had taught Lilith to walk and talk so he taught Angela who he though was Lilith to use the toilet. Lilith was forgotten by Daniel and was never taught her Toddler Skills. Lilith assumed that her Parents didn't love her and became who she is at the start of the game.
  • I think that The Pleasants were only expecting one child (Angela) But were suprised that they had twins. But Daniel and Mary-Sue parents only had time for one child each. Mary-Sue took Angela and Daniel took Lilith. Mary-Sue taught Angela to Walk and Talk but Daniel mistook Angela for Lilith and assumed Mary-Sue had taught Lilith to walk and talk so he taught Angela who he though was Lilith to use the toilet. Lilith was forgotten by Daniel and was never taught her Toddler Skills. Lilith assumed that her Parents didn't love her and became who she is at the start of the game.
  • I agree with most theories that Mary-Sue and Daniel only wanted one child (which might have been too much for Daniel already, because of his Romance personality). But I want to add that in The Sims, you don't know anything about upcoming babies. Also note that when the twins were born, this was only a few years after The Sims - they're in their teens. There was very little known about babies. So when Angela was born (perhaps just before 7 PM) the parents were happy about it, and called her their angel - Angela. But then, unexpectedly, another one came - Lillith - which they didn't want at all. One was enough. They called her Lillith because she was born just after 7 PM, when it just got dark. So both parents always had a slight dislike for Lillith. Time skip to toddlerhood. Angela, the favorite, got her todder skills first, but this took up all of her toddlerhood, because Mary-Sue was very busy with work and Daniel with his romances. So, by the time it was Lillith's turn, it was their birthday already. So, Lillith grows up badly and Angela grows up fine. Time skip to childhood. By now, Mary-Sue and Daniel didn't want Lillith to feel neglected, so they bought her lots of expensive things. Lillith liked dark, so she got a dark room. But now it's the other way around: for Angela's room they were short on money. But they bought her a computer to make up for it. Now Angela had a computer while Lillith did not. She felt neglected, and grew up badly, while Angela grew up fine. All this time, Lillith felt bad, and went for darker colors and got worse grades at school. Angela thought all was fine and bright and got better grades. The good grades made Mary-Sue and Daniel love Angela even more, while Lillith got a dislike for her parents - for always letting Angela go first - and started to hate Angela. This, in turn made the others dislike Lillith. There's only one sidenote to the whole story: while Lillith became the 'bad girl', she attracted Dirk Dreamer. Being more able to stand on her own, they already were dating by Sims 2. Meanwhile, Angela was a little less able to do that, and only lately (perhaps one day before Sims 2) she started dating Dustin Broke. Angela might be attracted to him because of his humble origins: she might not have wanted to be spoiled. This explains her positive but not good relationship with her parents: they're spoiling her to make up for not being home often (again, Mary-Sue and her work and Daniel and his Romance), which she thinks is unfair. Mary-Sue has been worrying about this lately and has begun to notice Daniel, so she's doing badly at work. All of this combined, is the starting point for The Sims 2
  • I think that the Pleasants were only expecting one child and were very surprised and didn't really know how to cope when they had twins. They instantly bonded with Angela because she's a bit of a goody two shoes, but they didn't know how to relate to Lilith because she was always a bit rebellious from the start. This lead them to accidently neglect Lilith (but they didn't actually abuse her) Lilith was jealous of her sister, who always got good grades, nice stuff etc. She also felt unloved by her family and acted rebellious to get attention. Unfortunatel, this did nothing to improve her relationship with Mary-Sue and daniel. Angela felt sorry for her twin and thought that her parents were treating her unfairly (which explains why she has a positive but not great relationship with her mother).
  • I think that Mary-Sue wanted one daughter to care for. Angela was the first born and more favorited, Lilith had sour grades because they treated her badly as she always grew up badly, sometimes, she even gets into fights with Angela, know who the parents cheer for? Angela. So, that is my conclusion.
  • I think Lilith is autistic. That's why she couldn't learn her toddler skills and her grades are bad. Her parents are unaware of it and just don't understand why she acts the way she does, that's why they have such a low relationship score. She reminds me of Lisbeth Salander in a way. Daniel could totally be Zalachenko. ;)
  • :Ok I think Mary-Sue didn't want 2 daughters and seeing as Angela was the oldest they didn't want Lilith but now Ive made it all better after Lilith ran away and acutally Daniel was unhappy because apparently he loved Lilith very much and wanted her back so then the police found her she was grounded Daniel and Lilith got their love into the right place he fired Kaylynn and had a massive fight with her! lol he won then he did it with Mary-Sue she was to old so they adopted because they thought it was cute SOOOOOOOOOOOOO they had adopted a little boy called Zachary he was white and had red hair he was a baby awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwgh the pleasants grew up they moved away and left Angela too the house she married Alex Goth <3 and Alex Goth died in a fire she didn't (she was pregnant and asleep) she gave birth to a little boy STRAIGHT after the death she called him Alex! and Lilith lives with Dirk happily married and had twin boys called Joseph and Edward (looks just like Dirk) they moved in Dirk's dad's house she had twin boys called Beau and Sammy lol <3 xxx btw Lilith is still an adult so is Angela and Angela never remarried her heart belonged to Alex(dad) and Zach grew up moved to Strangetown had an alien daughter called Princella (o.O) and the Oldies and Pleasants died lol x]]
  • I think that the twins names are incredibly important in this. Angela means heavenly (Angel), Lilith is the name of a demon. This would back up the idea that the Pleasants only wanted one child (Angela, because she's the eldest) so they gave her basic food and clothes but didn't help her as she was unwanted.
  • To be honest, I think Lilith was always loved by her parents. My story is she was really shy as a toddler and hard to approach, where Angela was not. As a child, she was confused, but didn't flunk in school because of the Social worker would take her away from her parents. As a teenager, she took the confusion from her child and thought she was hated, therefore turning into a rebel. I decided to change her into a nice person, so that's my theory.AsherEire 16:56, February 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Personally I think that it was everyone's fault. When Lilith was born, her parents only wanted one kid. So when they were teaching the kids how to walk/talk, they thought it was a better idea to teach Angela first because she was a first born. When Lilith found out about this she got mad and started keeping to herself. She didn't care about school, and would always get yelled at by her parents because of her grades. Her sister rubbed it in that her parents loved Angela more, this caused their complications.
  • The Pleasant Twins are identical, so when they were born Daniel and Mary-Sue mixed them up be cause they were dressed alike and nobody could tell them apart. Angela learned her toddler skills and she also learned Lilith's skills because her parents were mixed up. So Daniel and Mary-Sue tought Angela her skills and Daniel and Mary-Sue thought that they tought Lilith her skills but it was Angela instead. So that is why Lilith is so gothic and mean ect. Angela is a goody-goody because she was "deciplined" twice while Lilith was not. Since Angela learned extra skills, she is good and never misbehaves. But poor Lilith never learned anything so she thinks it is okay to do what she wants. Angela and Lilith are opposites because Mary-Sue forced them to dress alike until they were teenagers, wich confused Daniel who mixed them up all the time!!! I am telling the truth because i know everything about Sims because my father works for Electronic Arts (EA) and my mother works for the MAXIS company. (talk) 21:26, April 6, 2012 (UTC)Wakefield Twins
  • Personally, I think that they only wanted one kid, and it got a little out of control when the twins were babies, and they called the first one (a.k.a Angela) their "little angel" and since they blamed poor Lilith for the house being a mess and out of control and stuff, the called her "the demon", hence their names, as Angela alludes to an angel and Lillith was the name of a demon. Since Angela was their so-called little angel, they spoiled her, and since they considered Lilith to be a demon child, they gave her basic needs so she wouldn't be taken, but other than that, ignored her. Lilith doesn't consider herself to be perfect, and isn't a perfectionist and whatever, and is your real-life typical teenage girl, only Sim-ified. But Angela, is, naturally, opposite, considers herself to be perfect, is a perfectionist, typical preppy teenage girl Sim-ified, blah blah blah, and since the Pleasants are pretty much a horde of similar perfectionists, Angela tattled on her sister for not caring that she had faults when they were young and bonded with her parents a hell of a lot more so than her sister, who believed that their views were unrealistic, because she had a mind of her own. And then when they aged up, they ignored her completely, since there wasn't a risk of their "little angel" being taken away anymore. And then blah blah blah, I'm pretty sure most of us prefer Lilith over Angela, though! ( I do, anyway.)
  • I think Angela is the one who always acts like a goody goody around her parents and kisses up to them so they think she's so sweet and innocent and because she has better grades than her sister, they believe all the mean things she says about Lilith just to get her in trouble. And the twins don't get on because Angela is always showing off about how much better her life is and tells on Lilith for even doing the slightest thing wrong. (Nyancat1997 13:55, May 26, 2012 (UTC))
  • Not that I hate Lilth but is it possible Lilth was just a brat which caused her parents to not love her nobody sees it that way maybe she was such a bad child they disowned her and left her and she became a rebel on her own!
  • I totally agree with the 4th theory
  • In my opinion, Lilith isn't really bad. She's good at heart, being an Aquarius and all. Everyone else just assumed that because she has a twin sister, there should be one good and one "bad." Lilith really isn't. Everyone is just all steriotypical (spelling???). Lilith deserves more than what Maxis gaver her.... ;)
  • Hmm. I has this idea the other day about this. Maybe Lilith wasn't loved by her 'rents because they were only hoping for the one child? When Lilith was a child, she had a strong friendship with the local kids in the area (explains why Angie SERIOUSLY hates her) but when she got to the stage of being a teenager she befriended some other people (in my game she became friends with Madalyn Lagerak (Kaylyn's daughter), Georgiah Williams and Camilla Rebbecca). Then as time goes by Angie reveales her Jelous Nature? xx (talk) 08:22, July 27, 2012 (UTC)Maddiepie
  • I think that the reasons behind Lilith's rebellion are the same that are behind Angela's perfectionism: Mary-Sue and Daniel are not very attentive parents to either of their children. Mary-Sue is obviously a workaholic and Daniel is too caught up in his love life to pay much attention to either of his daughters. I think that both sisters try to get their parents' attention in different ways, Lilith by rebelling and Angela by excelling. And I think Lilith and Angela dislike each other because they don't want to see in themselves what they see in each other: a lonely bitter girl who just wants her parents to care about what she does. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • I believe that it all started when they were toddlers, The Oldies were helping until then but, Mary-Sue being the perfectionist said that she didn't need her. Daniel and Mary-Sue decided to pick out of a hat who got who, Mary-Sue got Angela and Daniel got Lilith, Mary-Sue being a perfectionist taught all the skills as fast as possible, However with Daniel this could've gone 2 ways, Maybe Lilith's dark clothes reminded him of his Dad's unfinished goal and made him feel guilt whenever he saw her making the Toddler training really slow or he was looking for someone to cheat on Mary-Sue with or he was just plain lazy. I'm Deskita Talk to me If you want 21:14, November 20, 2012 (UTC)
  • I always blame Angela entirely for Lilith's situation; the idea that Angela isn't really the angel she's portrayed as. In my game, Lilith was fairly innocent towards Angela, she just kept to herself. However, Angela was constantly attacking and antagonizing Lilith. I would say that Angela is perhaps a rather manipulative girl, who bullied her sister, while keeping an innocent facade around her family. I also felt that Lilith was a headstrong kinda girl, who would fight back, and maybe that was what her parents saw, resulting in them viewing Lilith as being the "problem" child, while Angela was the angel of the family.
  • People seem to blame Angela for Liluth's condition, but I don't think rhat is the case. Maybe it was that neither parent had time for their children, with Mary-Sue being caught up with her work and Daniel with his affairs, and because of that, they favored Angela by accident at first, and later on, when she started looking like a model daughter/student, the favoring was conscious. The favoritism probably made Lilith the way she is and caused her and Angela to grow apart
  • I think they loved Lily but she wasent very bright so they hate her
  • Daniel and Mary-Sue were planning on having only one child at first, and when the twins were born, since Angela was born first they automatically felt more affection towards her. They didn't abuse Lilith, but without realizing it they ignored her and gave Angela more attention, which resulted in Lilith rebelling. ~Ana.Phantom
  • I think they were treated equally at birth. When Angela started to get good grades just because it was who she was, her parents rewarded her. Lilith was jealous of Angela though, which is why they hate each other. In a nutshell, I think Angela is the right one in this situation.
  • Like what Ana.Phantom said, I think Mary-Sue and Daniel wanted one daughter. So at first Lilith was probably nice but because everyone liked Angela better, she acted bad so she would get attention, something she had been deprived of her whole life. Mary-Sue and Daniel probably didn't realise why she was being rebellious, and just thought she was attention-seeking. ~Unicorn Simmy
  • I think that Lilith Pleasant always acts out to get attention from her parents. According to the families memories, it seems as if Angela has been the favored child, so Angela always got attention. So maybe Lilith got jealous of all the attention Angela had been getting and tried to find ways to get her parents love and affection. After many attempts to get her parents eyes on her, Lilith decided to be a rebel and do bad things in order to get that attention she so longed for.