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A list of Sims that have appeared in cover art and videos to promote games in The Sims series, but do not appear in the game itself.

The downloads are user-created custom content. It is not supported by Electronic Arts or this website. Use at your own risk.

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Baxter familyEdit

The Baxter family appeared in a developer's walkthrough for The Sims 2. It consisted of Don Baxter, his wife Sarah, and his son Alex. Don and Sarah also appeared in trailer for The Sims 2 Holiday Edition (2006). Their extended family included Sarah's single sister Virginia, and her father, brother and deceased mother whose names are unknown. There is a family snapshot of them in The Sims 2 game files, hinting that they may have been originally playable. Another hint toward this is the description for Waterside, the neighborhood they resided in, survives in neighborhood manager file.

Don, Sarah, and little Alex settled down in Waterside.  Sarah wants a bigger family, but Don still craves the romance of his youth.  Can you hold this family together, or will these Sims just grow apart?

Waterside DinaEdit

Dina was Don Baxter's first love with whom he was still having an affair with. Unlike her possible successor, Dina Caliente, she was an only child. She was featured in the developer's walkthrough starring the Baxter family.

Chris and Melissa RoomiesEdit

Chris Roomies and Melissa Roomies appeared together in The Sims and there is speculation that they were used in the official trailer for The Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff.

Marcela BadeauEdit

Marcela Badeau is one of the many Sims that appeared on the cover for The Sims 3 and The Sims 3: World Adventures. Oddly, she has both blonde and red hair in promotional images. Unlike all burglars, she wears a mask, gloves, and her shirt is completely black. She is later seen in the trailer for The Sims 3: Pets, with a cat, who helps her with burglaries.[citation needed]

Marcela Badeau is the cutest master thief in Sunset Valley, stealing hearts and TVs everywhere she goes.

The Sims 3 Meet Marcela, master thief00:28

The Sims 3 Meet Marcela, master thief


Brianna is one of the many Sims that appeared on the cover for The Sims 3. She is popular and has gained notoriety on the official forum and Snooty Sims forum.

Travis ChaseEdit

Travis Chase, unlike the other promotional Sims, did not appear on the cover for The Sims 3. There is a pre-made Sim in Create a Sim with his likeness.
Travis Chase is a real cowboy inside and out, from his pointy boots to his western style ranch house.

Zack HoustonEdit

Zack Houston is one of the many Sims that appeared on the cover for The Sims 3.

Zack Houston is an avid local football player. He is very romantic, but drives his dates away because of his sloppy nature and messy home.

The Sims 3 - Zack - Star Athlete00:25

The Sims 3 - Zack - Star Athlete


Magnus is one of the many Sims that appeared on the cover for The Sims 3.
Rock star Magnus hits the right notes onstage, but his behavior is usually off-key.


Nigel is one of the many Sims that appeared on the cover for The Sims 3.
Nigel's cute guy looks and nice guy demeanor make him friends everywhere he goes.
The Sims 3 Meet Nigel, cute schmoozer00:23

The Sims 3 Meet Nigel, cute schmoozer

Saffron SmithEdit

Saffron is one of the many Sims that appeared on the cover for The Sims 3.
Saffron Smith's a natural-born cook, and a natural-born klutz.
The Sims 3 Meet Saffron, clumsy chef00:28

The Sims 3 Meet Saffron, clumsy chef

Officer RoscoeEdit

Officer Roscoe is one of the many Sims that appeared on the cover for The Sims 3.
Officer Roscoe would be Sunset Valley's finest cop if he wasn't a compulsive kleptomaniac.

Johnathan LefreEdit

Johnathan Lefre is an adventurer who was often used as a promotional Sim for The Sims 3: World Adventures. He is not present in the game, however.

Jill SimonEdit

Jill Simon is a 4-star celebrity Sim that was rumored to be featured in The Sims 3: Late Night, in its new city, Bridgeport. She was supposed to live with two other Sims in a luxurious mansion with a curved pool in the hilly, more luxurious section of the city, which is away from the "city center" that is featured very much in the previews. However, neither Jill, nor the household were featured, and the mansion is actually Matthew Hamming's residence. It's possible that she was created for previews.

Amy StarEdit

Amy Star is a Sim that was rumored to reside in Bridgeport, the new neighborhood that is expected to ship with The Sims 3: Late Night. She has been briefly mentioned in a Gamesradar Late Night preview with Grant Rodiek, as a target Sim for a vampire, however she was not included in the neighborhood when the game came out. She is a proven fake now believed to be Emmy Starr.

Sophia, Ollie, and AndreEdit

TS4 Render 6
Sophia, Ollie, and Andre are Sims who were created to showcase the initial gameplay in The Sims 4 official gameplay trailer. In the trailer, Ollie and Andre are shown to compete for Sophia's affection. They're also used in the game screenshots and renders. Slightly altered versions of Ollie and Andre appear in the Gallery in the finished game; Sophia is apparently absent altogether, though there is an EA/Maxis created character named Sophia Jordan, uploaded to the Gallery by SimGuruJill, who is believed by many players to be the intended in-game version of Sophia.

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