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Lists of wishes from The Sims 3 and its expansion packs.

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The Sims 3: Ambitions Edit

Image Wish Detail Lifetime Happiness
Wish-getatattoo Get a tattoo Your Sim wants to get a tattoo +250
OwnaVenue Own a Venue Investments are a great way to slowly increase your Sim's family funds. Your Sim wants to take over a venue by purchasing real estate on the computer. +1500

The Sims 3: Late NightEdit

Image Wish Detail Lifetime Happiness
Wish-findacustomer Assess a Customer's Needs The first step for planning any professional job is to find out what the customer requires. Your Sim wants to Assess the Needs of a potential client. +300
Wish BecomeVampire Become a Vampire +750
Befriend [#] Celebrities Varies
BefriendCelebrity Befriend a Celebrity Celebrities are the epitome of popularity and glamour. Your Sim wants to become part of the elite crowd and befriend a Celebrity. Your Sim will have to impress Celebrities first with her skills, career, or wealth before becoming their friend. +500
Fight vampire wish Fight a Vampire Vampires are models of physical perfection and embody athletic grace and skill. Your Sim wants to see how he physically matches up to a vampire by fighting one. +300
Have [#] Drinks at [#] Different Bars Varies
HireanExecutiveButler Hire an Executive Butler Living in the lap of luxury includes having another Sim to wait on your Sim hand and foot. Your Sim wants to hire and executive butler to manage his household. Have your Sim pick up the phone to sign up for the executive butler's service! +1500
Wish MeetVampire Meet a Vampire Rumors are flying around that strange creatures of the night have moved into town. Your Sim wants to meet a Vampire. Look for Vampires in high-end venues. +300
Move into a Penthouse Living at sea level is for old fogies, your Sim wants to be at the top and nothing is higher than the Penthouse. Your Sim wishes to Move into a Penthouse using the Move interaction on the Computer or Phone. (To fulfill, move into an expensive skyscraper) +4,500
Wish BecomeVampire Offer to Turn [Sim] into a Vampire Life as a Vampire offers a lot of perks, such as superhuman physical and mental ability. Your Sim wants to share the benefits of Vampirism and offer to turn another Sim into a Vampire. +400

The Sims 3: GenerationsEdit

Image Wish Detail Lifetime Happiness
Attend Prom Attend Prom Prom is a night to remember for high school students, filled with limos and uncomfortable formal wear. Your Sim wants to Attend Prom. Don't forget to find a date! +400
BuyaChemistryLabTable Buy a Chemistry Lab Table If you don't have something, that's why you need it! Your Sim wants to own something new. +300
Joyride Go for a Joy Ride The power of imagination can transform a boring piece of living room furniture into a wild ride! Your Sim wants to go for a Joyride on a sofa or loveseat. +250
Go Fieldtrip Go on a Field Trip A field trip is an adventure that opens young minds to possibilities beyond their everyday lives. Your Sim wants to Go on a Field Trip. Wait for the Field Trip to be available at school, then get your Sim's permission slip signed! +200
TeaParty Host a Tea Party Hosting an elegant imaginary party is a sophisticated way to play away the afternoon! Your Sim wants to Host a Tea Party with his stuffed bear. Make sure teddy lifts its finger when sipping from the tea cup! +250
Set a booby trap A booby trap turns an ordinary object into an unexpected ambush of hilarity! Your sims wants to plant a surprise for another Sim by setting a Booby Trap on a household object.

The Sims 3: SupernaturalEdit

Image Wish Detail Lifetime Happiness
BuyaBonehildaCoffin Buy a Bonehilda Coffin Your Sim thinks it's time to spice up the house just a touch with something new. +1500
Planter bowl Buy a Planter Bowl Your Sim thinks it's time to spice up the house just a touch with something new. +250
SocializeWithaSupernatural Meet a Supernatural Nothing spices up the day like bumping into a Supernatural. They're just so cool! Your Sim wants to meet a Supernatural +250
SocializeWithaSupernatural Socialize with a Supernatural After a while, conversations with human Sims start to follow the same patterns. Your Sim thinks it's time to change things up! +100
Attend Cementery Visit the Graveyard during a Full Moon Graveyards may be eerie on any night, but the atmosphere is at its best during a Full Moon. Just be mindful of those trying to rest in peace! +350

The Sims 3: Seasons Edit

Image Wish Detail Lifetime Happiness
BuildSnowman Build a Snowman Your Sim wants to build a holly jolly snowman! Just remember that if it actually came to life and danced around the town square, that would probably be terrifying for everybody. +300
CollectFestivalTickets Collect Festival Tickets Your Sim wants to partake in the Seasonal Festival's entertainment. Many of the activities award those neat little prize tickets. +100
FluShot Get a Flu Shot The cold season is near and nothing ruins a day like being stuck at home with the flu. Get your ounce of prevention at the local hospital! +200
GototheSpringFestival Go to the Spring Festival It's everyone's favorite season: Spring! Your Sim wants to celebrate the season at the Spring Festival. +200
GototheSummerFestival Go to the Summer Festival It's everyone's favorite season: Summer! Your Sim wants to celebrate the season at the Summer Festival. +300
BuildNoSnowmen Have [#] Snowmen Soon your Sim will have a snow army, and then they'll see. THEY'LL ALL SEE!! +150
HaveaWaterBaloonFight Have a Water Balloon Fight What is it about sunny weather that just gets people to inventing hydro-weapons? Your Sim wants to get in a water balloon fight! +200
SnowballFight Have a Snowball Fight New-fallen snow looks so beautiful blanketing the earth. But it would look even more beautiful scooped into a ball and hurled at an unsuspecting foe! Your Sim wants to have a snowball fight! +200
LightaFireCracker Light a Fire Cracker Causing explosions is one of the quickest (if not safest) ways to remind yourself that you are awesome. Your Sim wants to set off a firecracker. +150
MakeSnowAngel Make a Snow Angel It's one of the quickest ways to let fresh snow know that you're here and you're not messing around. Your Sim wants to make a snow angel. +150
PerformFireworksExtravaganza Perform Fireworks Extravaganza It's been a crowd-pleasing favorite for centuries, and for good reason! Your Sim wants to perform a fireworks extravaganza!!! +400
PlayinaLeafPile Play in a Leaf Pile All the hard work of raking together this leaf pile will really pay off when your Sim has a blast spreading around this leaf pile. +150
PlayHorseshoesWithaSim Play Horseshoes With a Sim Your Sim wants to enjoy a low pressure sport where "close enough" is still worth a point. They just have to find someone to play with. +150
RakeaLeafPile Rake a Leaf Pile Stupid leaves. Your Sim will tolerate their chaos no longer. It's time to rake them all together into a nice orderly pile. +200
Go Skate Skate on a Pond with (Sim) Your Sim wants to get out on the ice with somebody. Surely the pond is frozen enough for some safe skating fun! +350
SwimInTheOcean Swim in the Ocean There's nothing like a vast ocean to make a pool look like a bathtub! Your Sim wants to do some real swimming in the ocean. +250
TakeaGreetingCardPicture Take a Greeting Card Picture Nothing marks the passing of another year like this classic family ritual. Your Sim wants to take this year's greeting card picture. +200
GiftParty Throw a Gift Giving Party Your Sim wants to give the party that gives the gifts that keep on giving +500
ThrowaPoolParty Throw a Pool Party Whoever first combined "going to the pool" with "having a party" was a mad genius. Your Sim wants to throw a pool party! +500
WarmUp Warm Up There is cold, and then there is COLD. Your Sim dreams of putting on a warm coat and sitting next to a blistering fire. +150
WatchtheWeatherChannel Watch the Weather Channel Who doesn't like watching meterologists actually stand in extreme weather? Your Sim does! Turn on the TV and switch to the Weather Channel. +150

The Sims 3: University Life Edit

Image Wish Detail Lifetime Happiness
EarnaNewNerdTitle Earn a New Title by Increasing Nerd Influence Being in a Social Group is all the rage these days, but your Sim is feeling left out. Go out and raise your social influence, and if you're not sure what to do, the Smart Phone will be your guide! +750
EnrollinUniversity Enroll in University The modern workplace demands education. Your Sim wants to enroll in University to get that education via the Smart Phone or computer. +750
Trivia Challenge Issue Trivia Challenge Long hours of study have made your Sim a trivia whiz. Prowl the rough streets for a like-minded Sim, and throw down the trivia gauntlet! +250
LearnSocialNetworkingSkill Learn Social Networking Skill Your Sim seeks to learn something new to enrich and enlighten. Have your Sim refine a talent to perhaps pick up a new skill! +500
MeetaRebel Meet a Rebel Rebels are notoriousfor challenging the status quo. Your Sim would like to know more about this fascinating group by meeting a genuine Rebel +350
SendaTexttoSim Send a Text to [Sim] There comes a time when all you want to say fits inside 140 characters. Your Sim wants to convey an important message without speaking a word aloud. +150

The Sims 3: Into the FutureEdit

Image Wish Detail Lifetime Happiness
ActivateRobotForm Assume Robot Form As a huge fan of robots and their many mechanical nuances, your Sim wants to pay them the ultimate tribute: mimicking one in Robot Form!

Requires Bot Fan

AssumeOrganicForm Assume Organic Form Robot mimicry is a noble calling, but you've got to give it a rest sometime. Your Sim wants to act organic for a spell.

Requires Bot Fan

ReadInscriptiononTheTrendsetterStatue Become Immortalized as the The Trendsetter Statue Even famous Sims don't always get statues built. Your Sim wants to achieve immortality in the form of an enormous, generation inspiring statue! +20000
BefriendaPlumbot Befriend a Plumbot Your Sim wants nothing more than to befriend one of the neighborhood Plumbots. Sure they're not real emotions, but that seems like nit-picking. +500
BuyaJetpack Buy a Jetpack Your Sim thinks it's time to spice up the house just a touch with something new. +100
Create3TraitChips Create [#] Trait Chips Once you've built a Trait Chip, why stop there? Your Sim wants to turn their Bot Workshop into a veritable Trait Chip factory! +500
DreamaboutSubject Dream about [Subject] Waking life can be so stressful. Work, finances, family... sometimes you need to unplug. Your Sim wants to transport their conciousness via the Dream Pod. +200
EatSynthesizedFood Eat Synthesized Food Food Synthesizers assemble whole dinners out of component atoms. Your Sim wants to eat a synthesized meal and compare it to the real thing. +200
EntertheCrashedShip Enter the Crashed Ship If a mysterious craft really went down in the Wasteland, you want to be the first Sim inside it! Find and enter the Crashed Ship. +1000
EquipaPlumbotWithaTraitChip Equip a Trait Chip Life as a Plumbot can feel limited, even stifling. Trait Chips open up new horizons or possibility and add color to drab mechanical lives.

Requires Plumbot Life State

FindaMysteriousKeyFragment Find a Mysterious Key Fragment The Wasteland whispers with secrets lurking just below the ground and your Sim wants a piece! Specifically, a piece of that key you've heard about... +350
ImproveFoodSynthesizerQuality Improve Food Synthesizer Food Quality Synthesized food has come a long way from its bland, unappetizing origins. Your Sim wants to take a synthesized cuisine to the next level. +100
MeetaPlumbot Meet a Plumbot One of the Future's biggest innovations is the Plumbot: advanced artificial life. Your Sim wants to meet a Plumbot in the metaphorical flesh. +250
MeetSomeoneFromtheFuture Meet Someone from the Future Meeting a Future Sim is a truly exciting opportunity. Your Sim can't wait to pester them with questions about life's rich pageant! +400
OrderFoodFromtheFoodSynthesizer Order Food from the Food Synthesizer Hands-off cooking is one of the Future's greatest conveniences. Your Sim wants to check out the Food Synthesizer's protein bounty! +200
ReadInscriptiononTheTrendsetterStatue Read Inscription on the Trendsetter Statue Somebody spent an awful lot of Simoleons building this giant statue to a great Sim. The least you can do is read the inscription! +150
ScanSim Scan [Sim] It's hard for a Plumbot to properly judge others. Eyes are such limited tools! A thorough Scan can Illuminate anyone's inner workings.

Requires Plumbot Life State

TraveltotheFuture Travel to the Future The Portal is an amazing gate between the present and the Future, and your Sim can't wait to try it. Start your temporal adventure! +250
TraveltothePresent Travel to the Present Time Travel is great fun, buy you're getting homesick. Besides, you've learned so much about the Future -- time to put that knowledge to work! +250
VisittheBotEmporium Visit the Bot Emporium Whether it's the last Nanite to finish a Trait Chip or a Plumbot to help around the house, you can find it all in one stop. Your Sim wants to visit the Bot Emporium. +150
VisitthePlumbotCompetitionArena Visit the Plumbot Competition Arena The local Plumbot Arena whirs and hums with mechanical activity, Your Sim can't wait to visit and learn more about the Future's top sport! +150
WintheLotto Win the Lotto There are many paths to riches, some easier than others. Your Sim deserves the Lotto's winning ticket to a life of luxury. +500

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