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Image Wish Name Lifetime Happiness Cause Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
EatattheBistro Eat at the Bistro 300 The restaurant's menu offers some of the most elegant dishes in town... at reasonable prices! Your Sim wants to eat at the resturaunt [sic] . &BG
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OwnaVenue Go Out on the Town 300 Some Sims just don't like to stay in one place for too long. Your Sim wants to visit some other places in town. &BG
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Wish GoToTheDaySpa Go to the Day Spa 400 Spend some time at the day spa for a completely pampered experience. &BG
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VisittheArtGallery Visit the Art Gallery 350 Art is good for the soul, and your Sim's soul is in need of help. Take in some culture at the art gallery. &BG
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Visit the Graveyard 250 Oooh Spooky! Your Sim has aspirations of visiting the graveyard. It's a bit of daring few have the courage to actually do, but the real question is - will your Sim go at night? &BG
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Visit Park Visit the Park 250 The park is full of outdoor pleasures for Sims of all ages. Your Sim dreams of visiting the park, BBQs, picnics, tags - there's so much fun to be had! &BG
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VisittheNeighborhoodPool Visit the Neighborhood Pool 250 The town pool is just a splash away from refreshment and fun for your Sims! Your Sim wants to visit the pool. Have your Sim call some friends and meet up at the pool! &BG
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GototheBookstore Go to the Bookstore 250 The bookstore is a great place to visit in town. Your Sim wants to visit the bookstore, perhaps to sign up for a class or purchase some new reading material! &BG
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Attend Cementery Visit the Graveyard during a Full Moon 350 Graveyards may be eerie on any night, but the atmosphere is at its best during a Full Moon. Just be mindful of those trying to rest in peace! &EP07
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Have Fortune Told Have Fortune Told 250 By tapping into arcane and mystical powers that few are attuned to and even fewer understand, fortune tellers can tell you if you're going to have a good week at work. Your Sim wants to have their fortune told. &EP07
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SwimInTheOcean Swim in the Ocean 250 There's nothing like a vast ocean to make a pool look like a bathtub! Your Sim wants to do some real swimming in the ocean. &EP08
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