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Image Wish Name Lifetime Happiness Cause Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
ReadInscriptiononTheTrendsetterStatue Become Immortalized as the [Statue Name] 20000 Even famous Sims don't always get statues built. Your Sim wants to achieve immortality in the form of an enormous, generation inspiring statue! &EP11
EntertheCrashedShip Enter the Crashed Ship 1000 If a mysterious craft really went down in the Wasteland, you want to be the first Sim inside it! Find and enter the Crashed Ship. &EP11
FindaMysteriousKeyFragment Find a Mysterious Key Fragment 350 The Wasteland whispers with secrets lurking just below the ground and your Sim wants a piece! Specifically, a piece of that key you've heard about... &EP11
MeetSomeoneFromtheFuture Meet Someone from the Future 400 Meeting a Future Sim is a truly exciting opportunity. Your Sim can't wait to pester them with questions about life's rich pageant! &EP11
TraveltotheFuture Travel to the Future 250 The Portal is an amazing gate between the present and the Future, and your Sim can't wait to try it. Start your temporal adventure! &EP11
TraveltothePresent Travel to the Present 250 Time Travel is great fun, but you're getting homesick. Besides, you've learned so much about the Future -- time to put that knowledge to work! &EP11
VisittheBotEmporium Visit the Bot Emporium 150 Whether it's the last Nanite to finish a Trait Chip or a Plumbot to help around the house, you can find it all in one stop. Your Sim wants to visit the Bot Emporium. &EP11
VisitthePlumbotCompetitionArena Visit the Plumbot Competition Arena 150 The local Plumbot Arena whirs and hums with mechanical activity, Your Sim can't wait to visit and learn more about the Future's top sport! &EP11
ReadInscriptiononTheTrendsetterStatue Read Inscription on the [Statue Name] 150 Somebody spent an awful lot of Simoleons building this giant statue to a great Sim. The least you can do is read the inscription! &EP11


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