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Image Wish Name Lifetime Happiness Cause Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Wish BecomeVampire Become a Vampire 750 &EP03
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Wish BecomeVampire Offer to Turn [Sim] into a Vampire 400 Life as a Vampire offers a lot of perks, such as superhuman physical and mental ability. Your Sim wants to share the benefits of Vampirism and offer to turn another Sim into a Vampire. Vampire &EP03
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EquipaPlumbotWithaTraitChip Equip a Trait Chip 350 Life as a Plumbot can feel limited, even stifling. Trait Chips open up new horizons or possibility and add color to drab mechanical lives. Plumbot &EP11
ScanSim Scan [Sim] 150 It's hard for a Plumbot to properly judge others. Eyes are such limited tools! A thorough Scan can Illuminate anyone's inner workings. Plumbot &EP11


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