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Image Wish Name Lifetime Happiness Cause Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
BecomeaBusinessPartner Become a Business Partner 1000 Investments are a great way to slowly increase your Sim's family funds. Your Sim wants to enter into a business partnership by purchasing real estate on the computer. &BG
TS3 Icon
Buy a [Object] Varies If you don't have something that's why you need it! Your Sim wants to earn something new. &BG
TS3 Icon
Buy a Book 250 Reading is one of the most relaxing ways to entertain Sims. Your Sim wants to buy a book. Send your Sim to the bookstore to find a real page turner! &BG
TS3 Icon
BuyaLogicBook Buy a Logic Book 250 Your Sim wants to try something new in life. One of the easiest ways to do that is to purchase a Skill Book from the Bookstore! &BG
TS3 Icon
Buy Something Worth At least [§] Varies The home always looks best with nice things. Your Sim specifically wants to improve the house with something expensive. Start shopping! &BG
TS3 Icon
Hire a Maid 300 The house is messy and could use a little...attention. Your Sim really wants to hire a maid to help out around the home. Send your Sim to the phone and sign up for the maid's service. &BG
TS3 Icon
OrderPizza Order Pizza 250 Pizza is delicious and your Sim wants to enjoy the warm delights of a freshly delivered pizza. Send your Sim to the phone to order a pizza! &BG
TS3 Icon
OwnaVenue Own a Venue 1500 Investments are a great way to slowly increase your Sim's family funds. Your Sim wants to take over a venue by purchasing real estate on the computer. &EP02
TS3A Icon
HireanExecutiveButler Hire an Executive Butler 1500 Living in the lap of luxury includes having another Sim to wait on your Sim hand and foot. Your Sim wants to hire and executive butler to manage his household. Have your Sim pick up the phone to sign up for the executive butler's service! &EP03
TS3LN Icon
Move into a Penthouse 4500 Living at sea level is for old fogies, your Sim wants to be at the top and nothing is higher than the Penthouse. Your Sim wishes to Move into a Penthouse using the Move interaction on the Computer or Phone. (To fulfill, move into an expensive skyscraper) &EP03
TS3LN Icon
WintheLotto Win the Lotto 500 There are many paths to riches, some easier than others. Your Sim deserves the Lotto's winning ticket to a life of luxury. &EP11
Sell a Plumbot Sell a Plumbot 500 Though you're fond of this particular Plumbot, it's ultimately just a machine. The time has come to part ways and sell it at the Bot Emporium &EP11


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