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Image Wish Name Lifetime Happiness Cause Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
WashHands2Times Brush Teeth 2 Times 100 Perfectionist or Neat Minty fresh breath is a blessing for those around your Sim. Your Sim wants to brush the chompers at the sink. &BG
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WashHands2Times Wash Hands 2 Times 100 Perfectionist or Neat Cleanliness improves hygiene, state of mind, and other Sims' opinion of your Sim. Your Sim wants to do some hand washing at a sink. &BG
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CleantheDishes Clean the Dishes 250 Perfectionist or Neat The dishes are piling up, which is a problem for Sims that hope to use them for upcoming meals. Your Sim wants to clean the dirty dishes. &BG
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CleantheDishes Clean Something 250 Perfectionist or Neat It's satisfying to scrub something... anything to clean up the house a little bit! Your Sim wants to clean up! &BG
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GoInside Go Inside +150 Hates the Outdoors Bugs and wide open spaces don't appeal to everyone. Your Sim wants to go inside the house. &BG
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MaketheBed Make the Bed 100 Perfectionist or Neat An unmade bed is the first step to a messy home. First it's an unmade bed, then it's a filthy bathroom! Your Sim wants to make the bed to tidy up. &BG
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Work at Home 500 Workaholic Your Sim can't get enough of work, and wants to put in some overtime on the computer. &BG
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ActivateRobotForm Assume Robot Form 100 Bot Fan As a huge fan of robots and their many mechanical nuances, your Sim wants to pay them the ultimate tribute: mimicking one in Robot Form! &EP11
AssumeOrganicForm Assume Organic Form 100 Bot Fan Robot mimicry is a noble calling, but you've got to give it a rest sometime. Your Sim wants to act organic for a spell. &EP11


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