A list of mini-games accessible in the handheld version of The Urbz: Sims in the City

Job minigames Edit

Squeegee Clean Edit

Heads up! Avoid the bird poo as it falls and wash it off the windows when it splats! If you get hit, dash over to one of your buckets and grab a new squeegee!

Hoopz Edit

Shoot some hoops! Line up the ball and basket for a perfect swish. Three in a row, and you get the "Simoleon Ball". Make it for extra dough. Hit as many shots as you can before time expires!

Doctor Max Stat! Edit

Assist Dr. Max as he practices surgery on lawn gnomes! First, observe Dr. Max's medical combo. Next, FIND that combo in the grid by connecting items horizontally and vertically using the Touch Screen. Only horizontal and vertical moves are allowed. (Touch the gnome to start your combo over!)

Comic Explosion Edit

Tell as many jokes as you can before the time runs out! The crowd is unruly, so watch out for tomatoes! You may get a bonus from an adoring fan, so grab the flowers to earn more time.

Motocross Mayhem Edit

It's a race to the finish! Use the A Button to accelerate, B Button for a Nitrous Boost, and the L Button and R Button to drop weapons on the track! To the victor go the spoils, but beat the record for a bonus!

Moogoo Monkey Edit

Which monkeys will survive? Bet coconuts and play a card. When ALL monkeys have a card beneath them, the monkey with the LOWEST card is eliminated! The game ends when 3 monkeys remain. The player with the most fruit wins!

Soul Music Edit

Timing is everything in this musical duel as you match bows with the nefarious Red Man. Watch his pattern closely and follow his lead exactly. Make no mistakes or suffer the consequeces!

Sushi Sensei (DS Only) Edit

Help Futo Maki fill sushi orders! As sushi flies across the Touch Screen, cut it with your finger (or the Stylus), but ONLY cut the sushi Futo Maki shows you on the Top Screen! Cutting the wrong sushi makes your sensei angry!

University minigames Edit

Study Cooking Edit

Ready for your culinary Cooking exam? Touch the FOOD button on the Touch Screen if the item listed is a food. Otherwise, touch the NOT FOOD button.

Study Creativity Edit

Is it art or isn't it? Surely a Creative question. Touch the ART button if the word is a form of ART. Touch the NOT ART button if it's NOT.

Study Logic Edit

Chemistry or math? Logical people know the difference, do you? Touch the MATH button if the word is MATH related. Touch the CHEMISTRY Button if it is CHEMISTRY related.

Study Mechanical Edit

Are you Mechanically inclined? Then you better be able to identify machines. Touch the MACHINE button if the word is MACHINE related. Otherwise touch the NOT MACHINE button.

Carnival minigames Edit

Derby Edit

It's a race! Three mechanical riders speed towards the finish line, but who will win? Pick correctly and you win! The odds are provided but keep in mind, the favorite does not always finish first!

Cups Edit

Where's the ball? Follow the cup covering the ball and guess correctly to win!

Slots Edit

Three is the key! Stop the spinning slots one at a time using the A Button. If you get three of a kind, you win!

Darts Edit

Pop all the balloons! Smaller balloons are worth more than the bigger ones, so choose your targets carefully and keep an eye on the clock and your stash of darts. Nothing lasts forever!

Splicer Island minigames (DS Only) Edit

G-Disc Edit

Touch a disc and slide it across the Touch Screen. Get it moving fast and let go to launch it to the Top Screen! Land it in a scoring zone to earn you that many Simoleons!

Amber Extraction Edit

Getting the DNA out of the Amber can be pretty tricky. Trace the Amber's fracture line on the Touch Screen to make the laser fire on the Amber. Tracing off the fracture could damage the DNA inside, so be careful and quick! The fracture lines get increasingly complex as you get close to the mosquito inside. The better your extraction, the better the DNA you'll receive, and the better your pet will be!

RNA Splicer Edit

Time to get your gene sequencing on! Use the Touch Screen to touch each Genetic Base as it flows down the Double-Helix! Only touch when the base pair hits the Scan Line, getting multiple hits in a row adds to your score! The better your splicing, the better the DNA you'll receive, and the better the pet you'll be able to create!

The Pet Show Edit

It's time for the Pet Show! Compete your pet against 3 others! Play Trick Cards on your pet to raise its score, or play Mood cards on other pets to stop them from performing tricks. The first pet to reach 100 points wins, and the winner gains new cards! (Touch ? for card help at any time!)

Other minigames Edit

Auction Edit

It's Auction Time! Are you savvy enough to outwit the residents of Miniopolis? Touch an item to start the Auction!

Deluxe Mixer Edit

Welcome to the mixer! The right ingredient combination creates a MIX... if you've got a good Cooking skill. Once you've got a mix, you'll need an oven to bake it into something sweet!

Oven Edit

Welcome to the oven! Place a MIX inside the oven (you'll need a Mixer and ingredients to make one). If you've got a good Cooking skill, you'll bake it into a yummy treat!

Spelling Bee Edit

Spelling bees are the hot new way to make some pocket money in Miniopolis! Touch the correct button on the touch screen if the word is spelled correctly. Touch the wrong button if it's not. (This game is similar to the University minigames)