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Recipes are a feature in The Urbz for GBA and DS. They are made from a mixer, an oven, and certain ingredients. Each recipe only needs 3 ingredients.

List of Recipes Edit

  • Apple Pie - 1x Apple, 1x Flour, 1x Sugar
  • Strawberry Tiramisu - 1x Strawberry, 1x Vanilla, 1x Flour
  • Cocoa Apple Cake - 1x Apple, 1x Chocolate, 1x Nuts
  • Chocolate Cake - 1x Flour, 1x Sugar, 1x Chocolate
  • Red Velvet Cake - 1x Strawberry, 1x Chocolate, 1x Vanilla
  • Sugar Cookies - 2x Sugar, 1x Flour
  • Pecan Pie - 1x Flour, 1x Nuts, 1x Sugar
  • Lemon Meringue Pie - 2x Sugar, 1x Lemon
  • Chocolate Decadence - 2x Chocolate, 1x Flour
  • Brownies - 2x Chocolate, 1x Nuts
  • Giant Chocolate Bunny - 3x Chocolate
  • Vanilla Swirl Tart - 1x Chocolate, 1x Vanilla, 1x Sugar
  • Apple Strudel - 1x Apple, 1x Nuts, 1x Sugar
  • Chocolate Biscotti - 1x Chocolate, 1x Nuts, 1x Flour
  • Carmel Apples - 1x Apple, 1x Sugar, 1x Vanilla
  • Lemon Tart - 1x Lemon, 1x Sugar, 1x Vanilla
  • Birthday Cupcakes - 1x Vanilla, 1x Sugar, 1x Flour
  • Low Carb Chocolate Cake - 2x Chocolate, 1x Sugar
  • Strawberry Shortcake - 1x Strawberry, 1x Flour, 1x Sugar

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