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This is a list of songs from The Sims Bustin' Out for console.

In-game musicEdit

Title Mode Composer Preview
Build/Buy 1 Build/Buy Mode Electronic Arts
Build/Buy 2 Build/Buy Mode Electronic Arts
Build/Buy 3 Build/Buy Mode Electronic Arts
Build/Buy 4 Build/Buy Mode Electronic Arts
The Sims Bustin' Out Loading Screen Electronic Arts
Neighbourhood Neighborhood Electronic Arts
Eeyooma Mana Muki Vop Pop Electronic Arts
Yalla Shima Pop Electronic Arts
Dello Weello Cello Pop Electronic Arts
Ah Lah Tak Kina Pop The Humble Brothers[1]
Ola Mana Sey Pop The Humble Brothers[1]
Hoh Abba Dah No Rap The Humble Brothers[1]
Downarown Ashay Rap The Humble Brothers[1]
Trit Kit Drit Rap Kirk Casey[1]
Menesh Ay Pah Rap Kirk Casey[1]
Haw Doo Wah Rap Kirk Casey[1]
Duwhy Duwhy Rock Electronic Arts
Fredashay Rock Electronic Arts
Blaaargh Rock Electronic Arts
Nee Rah Hul Nidre Rock Electronic Arts
Nee Tak Koo Ronn Rock Electronic Arts
Vehlo Veeh Tah Soft Jazz Electronic Arts
Keh Ni Gee Bloze Soft Jazz Electronic Arts
Prah Sesst Chi Soft Jazz Electronic Arts
Duhkwy Yehtstor Um Soft Jazz Electronic Arts
Nahtreel Jaz Soft Jazz Electronic Arts


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