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Name Littlehaven
Game(s) The Sims Social

Littlehaven is a city in The Sims Social. It has four districts: a suburb, a city, a beach and a haunted house.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Buddy
    • Involved in 7 quests
    • Brother of Chloe
  • Chloe
    • Involved in 6 quests
    • Sister of Buddy
  • Macy
    • Involved in 10 quests


Involved in two or more quests
  • Barbara Belle
    • Involved in 4 quests
    • Also appears in Sim City Social as a cameo. She appears randomly when a house burns down, she might be the victim who lost her house.
  • Fleur
    • Involved in 4 quests
Involved in only one quest


  • Suburbs
  • Beach
  • Downtown
  • Haunted House


Like other spinoffs and console versions that are story driven, there is only a limited number of homes.

  • Penthouse
    • Unlocked at level 15
  • Haunted House
    • Unlocked at an unknown level


External linksEdit

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