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Lone Wolff Manor
Type: Residential
Number of floors: 2
Occupants: Wolff family

Lone Wolff Manor is a lot in Sunset Valley and home to the Wolff family. Lot: 40 x 40 1br 4ba

This prestigious home on a prime piece of real estate is perfect for the elite modern life. Amenities include his and hers master bathrooms, spacious vaulted living area, two pools, media loft, and extensive wrap-around decks that enjoy commanding views.

It's a very expensive house initially inhabited by the Wolff family; costing nearly three hundred thousand simoleons. It is built in a sort of Bauhaus architectural style, and it is decorated with sleek sculptures and expensive furniture. It is located right on the end of Sunnyside Boulevard, the road which goes along the large peninsula, offering stunning views of the sea and the lighthouse.

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