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Loste family
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Name Loste family
Members Goshem Loste, Vera Loste, Arty Loste, Daisy Loste, Kristen Singles
Number of generations 3 generations
Family connections Singles household
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Neighborhood Strangetown

The Loste family is a deceased family in Strangetown. The only living member is Kristen Singles, who is living in the Singles household. The names of all of the deceased Sims are puns.


Loste -- Lost, also a French surname adopted from Lieutenant "Jean Augustin Paul Joseph Loste", a French World War I flying ace credited with seven aerial victories. it could be also a reference to Lotte, a Japanese-Korean Food company that produces confectioneries.

Simnitch : A made up Sims surname

Goshem Loste : "Gosh I'm Lost".

Vera Loste : "Very Lost".

Arty Loste : "Already Lost"

Daisy Loste : The name sounds like "Days he Lost". "Daisy" means "The day's eye", which sounds like "The Days I Lost".

Kristen Singles (Loste) : From Christina or Christian, but it sounds like "Kristen is Lost".

Family tree

Loste Family Tree


The Loste Family
Goshem - Vera - Arty - Daisy - Kristen

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