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Lot assignments control the number and types of Sims that visit a lot in The Sims 3 and its expansion packs. They can also cause moodlets to appear, boosting moods or skill building. Every lot in the game has an assignment. Assignments can be set for a unique world using the Create a World tool, they are preset in premade neighborhoods, but can be changed using Edit Town. Rabbit holes also change lot assignments. Some assignments are locked for use in-game, or can only be used in certain sub-neighborhoods. Many lot types are hidden in-game, but can be unlocked by enableLotLocking On which enables some Create a World and hidden lot types.


Main article: Residential lot

Residential is one of the two primary lot categories. Sims can live on residential lots.

Assignments in the residential categoryEdit


Main article: Community lot

Community is one of the two primary lot categories. Community lots serve a variety of purposes.

Assignments in the community categoryEdit

Base game
World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise
Into the Future

Assignments set by rabbit holesEdit

These lot types are available in CAW but they are only assigned to the rabbit holes.

Map TagsEdit

Map tags in The Sims 3 are clickable, interactive buttons that spring up from the birds-eye view when in Map View. Map tags can relate to a variety of lots and sims . Map tags also generate for opportunities and adventures. Community lot tags are a deep blue color. A lighter blue tag represents a player's selected sim's place of work (exception with professions and certain careers). Lighter, cyan colored tags usually represent a specified rabbit hole, specifically places a sim may work. A green tag represents the player's household he is currently playing. If there is a PlumbBob above the map tag, a player's selected sim is at that current location (for example if the sims is in the theatre it will show a plumbob above the theatre tag). Bright, vibrant tags represent opportunites involving opportunites, professions (see The Sims 3: Ambitions), or actions that are not particularlly related to game play such as Neighborhood Pet Adoption (see The Sims 3: Pets). Less bright orange tags represent another sims' dwelling. These map tags only appear when a player's selected sim has met a sim of the household. Red tags represent commercial areas such as schools, bistros, diners, subways (see The Sims 3: Late Night), jails, and grocery stores. Enabling the discoTags cheat will make the map tags flash colorfully when viewed from the map view.

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