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Not to be confused with Loves the outdoors.
Trait TS4 Loves Outdoors
Loves outdoors is a lifestyle trait that was introduced in The Sims 4. This trait conflicts with the squeamish trait. It is identical to the loves the outdoors trait from The Sims 3.

"These Sims can enthuse about nature to other Sims and become happy when outdoors."


Happy Outdoors
  • Sims with the trait will get a "Fresh Air!" moodlet from being outside.
S4moodlet coopedup
  • Sims with the trait will get a "Cooped Up" moodlet if stay inside too long.
  • Sims with this trait can talk about outdoorsy things with other sims.


  • Go on vacation to Granite Falls
  • Catch a fish
  • Plant something
  • Enthuse about the outdoors

Sims that love outdoorsEdit

Dennis Kim, Alice Spencer-Kim, Lucas Munch, Moira Fyres

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