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Trait Lucky
Lucky is a physical trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Unlucky trait, and is available from birth.

Lucky Sims are closely followed through life with a comforting sense of luck. They win often and they win big.


  • If a Lucky Sim has 4+ hours of sleep they might awake with the "Feeling Lucky" moodlet.
  • Lucky Sims are less likely to burn food, break objects or get robbed.
  • Lucky Sims are more likely to get raises at work and to get good results from career events.
  • Lucky Sims are more likely to win when playing games.
  • Lucky Sims using the Fortune Factory Fortune Cookie Maker[TS3:WA] will always receive a good fortune.
  • If a Sim with the Lucky trait is an Acrobat and performs on the Ring of Fire, they are more likely to succeed the stunt.

Lucky SimsEdit

Bella Bachelor, Gwen GloverMaximus McDermott, Gloria Bedlington

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