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Who is Macy Clay?

  • I think she was once Harwood Clay's wife. --- Rodrigo X 14:15, August 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • I also believe she was the wife of Harwood Clay. It makes sense - she and Lacy were probably twin sisters, and Juan and Harwood became best friends through them. - Isabelle
  • I think it's that glitch where randomly a sim with the same last name randomly joins thew family for no reason and they are not related, happened with me with Jessica Talon. (Peter Talon! LOL!)
  • You sure that wasn't just story progression? I believe that she and Lacy Darer are twin sisters. They are almost exactly the same- hair, clothes, traits, favorites, eye color, even cause of death, are the same. Lacy was probably Juan's wife, or his sister, and Macy was probably Harwood's wife or sister, and they both got killed in a fire that Juan started from a failed invention-thingy.