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Imaginary Friends

A group of Imaginary Friends

An Imaginary Friend is a life state, featured in The Sims 3: Generations. Imaginary Friends begin their lives as inanimate dolls, delivered to newborn babies or to toddlers. The doll can also be given to a Sim as a gift. Toddlers can interact with the doll, and often are carried around in the toddler's inventory. Dolls left outside the inventory tend to teleport around the lot (similar to gnomes), usually to be closer to the toddler.

If a toddler forms a close enough bond with the doll, the Imaginary Friend will transform into a life-size living creature. Its age will always correspond to the age of its owner. Imaginary Friends are visible only to their owners, and to other Sims who own an Imaginary Friend. An Imaginary Friend can be made "real" through the use of the Imaginary Friend Metamorphum potion. Once real, the Imaginary Friend is visible to everyone and can be interacted with like any other Sim. It can engage in WooHoo and, though it is not biologically a Sim, it can produce offspring.

There is a 75% chance that a newborn Sim will receive the doll. Once received, it cannot be sold or deleted without the use of cheats, though it can be given away or kept away from the toddler in order to prevent it from forming a bond.

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