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For the hidden skin tone in The Sims 2, see Mannequin (The Sims 2).
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A mannequin is a display object featured in The Sims 4: Get to Work. Mannequins are humanoid figures sculpted to look like another Sim in order to showcase off a piece of clothing or an outfit, and to see what it would look like on a Sim's body.

They are used in retail businesses and in Create a Sim for when a Business owner is customising the uniform of employees. There can be up to ten mannequins per lot.

Business UsesEdit

Mannequins are mostly used to display outfits for other Sims to buy in a retail business. Mannequins can be posed in a number of postures and idle positions in order to show off the merchandise. Customers can walk up to a mannequin and try on the clothing that the mannequin is wearing to see if they like it before deciding on purchasing the clothing

Mannequins can be dressed in everyday, formal, athletic, sleep, party, or swimwear. Mannequins can have a number of presets for outfits that are either created by the player or randomly chosen through the players wish as well as when a Sim enters an NPC clothing store the mannequins will display outfits that have randomised clothing[clarification needed].

Mannequins can come in both genders and can wear any type of clothing or accessory that a Sim can wear. There are four types of body types of mannequins and two types of mannequins: There are Adult Male, Adult Female (both of which display clothing for teens and older), Child Male, and Child Female (both of which display clothing for children only).

As well as the two types of mannequins are normal blank mannequins and others that have more detail to look like Sims, such as a more realistically modeled head that includes eye sockets, mouth, nose, and hair.


There are a number of interactions Sims can have on mannequins; most of them player controlled:

  • Create an Outfit...
    • Create Outfit in Create A Sim
    • Create Random Outfit...
      • Everyday
      • Formal
      • Athletic
      • Sleepwear
      • Party
      • Swimwear
  • Change Pose...
    • Neutral
    • Active
    • Business
    • Confident
    • Playful
    • Flirty
  • Dress Mannequin (If there are preset outfits)
  • Try on Outfit (only if the Mannequin has an outfit on)
  • Purchase Outfit §262
  • Dance with Mannequin

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