Margison family
Margison family
Keats is a well-paid scientist who only talks in facts, but his son Jacob is infatuated with Madison Fortuna, and is neglecting his schoolwork. Can Keats persuade his son that studying is more important than a shortsighted romance?
Name Margison family
Members Keats Margison, Jacob Margison
Number of generations 2 generations
Lot 17 Hyacinth Circle
Funds §60,000
Other information
Game TSLS Icon The Sims Life Stories
Neighborhood Four Corners

The Margison family is a pre-made family from The Sims Life Stories. Keats is a well paid scientist, with a son, Jacob, who is in love with Madison Fortuna.

The family bio suggests that Keats wants to persuade his son to focus more on studying than on his romantic relationship with Madison, but so far has had difficulty in persuading his son to do this.

The Margison family starts out in the family bin with §60,000 in funds in the Story Mode version of the neighborhood, while they have §10,294 in funds and are already living in 17 Hyacinth Circle in Free Play version.

Since the Margison family is in the family bin in the story mode version of the neighborhood, it's up to the player to decide where to move them. Also unlike the Free Play version, Jacob has not met Madison, and doesn't have any romantic relationships.


The Margison family
Keats - Jacob