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Marshall family
Marshall Family
The Marshalls are madly in love, have a beautiful home, and successful careers. What could go wrong? A glossy exterior hides their secret pain - try as they might they've been unable to have a child. Crib, toy box, and highchair sit unused, and so the Marshall's bide their time and mask their emotions by adopting all the pets they can handle. Puppies, kittens, foals - anything they can nurse and cherish, they welcome into their home. Will they one day be able to have the final addition that would make their family complete?
Name Marshall family
Members Felipe Marshall, Kim Marshall, GooGoo Marshall, BaBa Marshall, Oopsie-Daisy Marshall
Family connections Sports, Spice, and Everything Nice household
Lot 1813 Ednamary Way
Funds §2800
Difficulty level Difficulty4
Other information
Game TS3P Icon The Sims 3: Pets
Playability Playable
World Appaloosa Plains

The Marshall Family is a pre-made family that was shipped with The Sims 3: Pets who live in Appaloosa Plains. The family consists of Felipe Marshall, Kim Marshall, and their adopted pets, GooGoo Marshall, BaBa Marshall, and Oopsie-Daisy Marshall. Felipe and Kim are madly in love, but Kim's inability to conceive a child has lead them to adopt many baby animals (including a Foal, a Puppy and a Kitten) to substitute as their "little ones". Both Felipe and Kim are Technophobe.

List of MembersEdit