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Floor Mirror
Game All
Buyable Buy mode
Price varies
Type Skill, Decoration
Size 1, 2, or 3 tiles wide, wall

A mirror is a type of buy mode object that raises the Room/Environment need, just as other decorative objects do.

However, mirrors also have several interactions, the most important of which are charisma training and changing a Sim's appearance.[TS2][TS3] Changing a Sim's appearance with the mirror allows the player to edit the Sim's hair and makeup. In The Sims 2: Pets, the appearance of an adult pet's coat can be changed, and a collar can be placed on the pet or removed from the pet, as long as the pet can get to the mirror. As in Create a Pet, the player can use "Coat Colors and Markings" to customize the pet's coat, but unlike Create a Pet, the player can also select from several pre-made coats for the pet's breed.

The mirrors can have their reflections enabled or disabled. If disabled you will not see a reflection. The reflections are very advanced and do really reflect the Sim and it's surrounding.

  • Use Acne Cream: Available for Teens with acne.[TS2]
  • Gussy Up: Improves hygiene.[TS2] Gives the Sim the "Attractive" moodlet.[TS3]
  • Check Self Out: Available for Teens.[TS2] Fulfills the wish to check themselves.[TS3]
  • Practice Speech: Increases the Sim's Charisma skill.[TS1][TS2][TS3]
    • Sims with the Good trait have the option instead to Practice Speech For World Peace; or with the Evil trait, for World Domination.[TS3]
  • Practice Romance: Increases the Sim's Charisma skill. Increases fun for Romance Sims.[TS2]
  • Admire Self: Only available to Sims with Snob trait. The Sim will gain the "I Am Beautiful" moodlet.[TS3]
  • Make Faces in Mirror: Only available to Sims with certain traits, i.e. Childish.[TS3]
  • Play with Mirror: Only available to child Sims.[TS3]
  • Pet Reflection: Autonomous pet action, only available with most full-length mirrors. The pet will look at its reflection and react to it. It will boost the pet's fun motive.[TS2:P]

Vampires can't be seen in a mirror. If they are married, their wedding rings can be seen, however.[TS2:NL]


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