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Mixture of Good and Bad household
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Mixture of Good and Bad household
'If the ladies in this house had fangs, they would have been at each others's throats a long time ago. While Bianca, Lilly-Bo and Marina make each other's blood boil, vampire Beau bides his time and enjoys the feud. Which one of the three will he finally find irresistible?'
Name Mixture of Good and Bad household
Members Beau Merrick, Bianca Rubble, Marina Prattle, Lilly-Bo Chique
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3LN Icon The Sims 3: Late Night
Neighborhood Bridgeport

This penthouse household, Mixture of Good and Bad, is a pre-made family that contains four young adult Sims. It consists of the O-Positive blood loving, mischievous, womanizer Vampire Beau Merrick, and Sims Bianca Rubble, Marina Prattle, Lilly-Bo Chique who all share love interests for Beau. This is some what similar to the novel "Dracula," with the three women being "Dracula's Wives." There is large swimming pool on left side of the house where the roommates and the neighbors can have a bath. Intrestingely, all of the household (except Bianca) is capricorn.

The Mixture of Good and Bad homeEdit

Off Ramp (4br,1ba)

"Slated for demolition during bridge construction, the Off Ramp was spared by a last minute design change. Since all the residents had vacated, this building is especially young and hip."

Size - 30x49

Address - 2 Peak Parkway

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