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Focus: Custom content, Mods and Tools
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Date founded: May 2004

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ModTheSims (formerly ModTheSims2) or MTS for short, was founded by Delphy in May 2004. MTS focuses on custom content, most notably mods. It also has tutorials to make said modifications.


Its sister site, 'Sims 2 Community' appeared around July 2005. The purpose of this was to alleviate the social threads on MTS2, so MTS2 could focus on modifying the game. However, in May 2009 MTS2 and Sims 2 Community were merged into one site again. This was because staff on both sites felt that the line between the two sites was blurring and disliked having to send people to the other site constantly to have their questions answered.[citation needed]

At the release of The Sims 3 in 2009, they changed their name from ModTheSims2 to Mod The Sims and started to host modifications for that game as well.[1]

Content Edit

The Sims 2

Sims, Pets, Lots & Housing, Body Shop, Buy Mode, Build Mode, Game Mods, Themed Sets, Miscellaneous, Programs and Utilities, Challenge Themes.

The Sims 3

Sims, Patterns, Lots & Housing, Body Shop, Buy Mode, Build Mode, Game Mods, Miscellaneous, Programs and Utilities, etc.

'Top Items' features downloads from both games.

Downloaders should note that the site has no standard compressed-archive format. Downloads may be compressed with zip, RAR, or 7z, depending on the creator's preference.


While adult content and less risque content used to be in the same place, adult content was initially moved to a different section of the site and later given its own site, SexySims2, for people who want to spice up their game in a different way. SexySims2 requires its own registration and features Sims 2 and Sims 3 content as well.

Availability Edit

Only members can download from and post on ModTheSims. Membership is free as it is their philosophy to provide their service at no cost to the user.[2]


Apart from having 'Featured Artists', 'Featured Downloads' and 'Picked Downloads', MTS also feature prestigious awards for their most valued artists.[3]

LATTE - Lifetime Achievement for Tools/Technical Excellence.
This will be given to people who write tools for all to use, and those who generally help in various ways in the community. Without their tireless efforts, we wouldn't be here at all.
MOCCA - MTS2 Outstanding Continued Creative Achievement.
This will be given to creators who have consistently produced excellent work, as well as those who have broken the boundaries of creative content.


MTS costs about $2200 USD a month to keep alive,[4] therefore they are asking for donations. You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly recurring subscriber. There is also an option to buy The Sims series products through 'Amazon' on their site. The benefits of any of these actions range from custom titles, larger avatars, larger PM inbox, removal of ads and a warm fuzzy feeling. All content on the site is free and does not require donating.

MTS features a popup from their sponsor: UGO once every 24 hours.

Other Sites Hosted by MTSEdit

MTS also hosts other sites on its server:


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References Edit

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