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I don't know, it can be Holly Alto because she could of ran of with Malcom and had children and she changed her name to Mom because she didn't want her parents to find her. Then, when she turned to an Elder she inherited her parents traits and became a crank.
  • Eduardog3000 believes Holly Alto could be "Mom".
  • I think she is her name, just the Mom of the player.
  • I think it's Holy Alto. It all makes plenty of sense.
  • I don't get it, Holly? I mean yeah, they might have a "relationship" but Mom and Holly are complete opposites, hence the slapping and teasing, embracing an caring. think its Vita when divorced or something if you ask me.
  • Secretly Holly and Malcom got married. They ran away and had children. Holly changed her name to Mom. But she might just be a woman named Mom who had no family to be know cause if Holly and Malcom got married it would say it in the family tree.
  • I know theese may sound silly but he might be he's (real) Mom my friend says that I don't believe him i'm just telling people k I don't really wanna tell that silly thing but thats my best friend = / also I know that you can't marry relatives except like In-laws
  • I think it's Holly Alto as well but she changed her personality when they broke up
  • I think she's just Mom. Nothing more. But the Holly Alto theory is interesting. Getzfan15 23:37, November 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • Could be Lisa Bunch due to personality.
  • Holly Alto seems a little too WTF? got to be a sim like Nick Alto so mean and family-orientated
  • I agree with the commenter above. I think Lisa Bunch is Mom, because there is no one evil enough, unless Holly had a personality change, or Lillith Pleasant went back in time...
  • I think Mom is pretending to be the mom of the player or is the mom that was me Xxgreenbunnyxx

  • In my opinion, Mom Landgraab is Holly Alto, who later changed her name to Mama Hick (Dudley and Mimi don't appear in her family tree because they probably live in another neighborhood) Cabecote 11:34, April 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • I don't think she's Holly Alto. If Bella and Mortimer were adults, Holly doesn't seem to have a grey hair. Probably just "Mom".
  • It could be Holly Alto she could just be not mean but a cranky elder
  • I think it's Holly Alto. She looks like Holly Alto. Maybe her parent's personality rubbed off on her.
  • I think that she's not Holly Alto. Where the fudge did that rumor come from?
  • She's Lisa Bunch.
  • I defenetely don't believe she's Holly Alto since their personalities are nothing alike, it could be someone else in the Alto family since they're all evil apart from Holly.
  • No wait! her mum was evil when she had her so she called her Mom XDDDD
  • I think that Vita and Nick had another kid, instead of Holly Marrying Malcom, her sister married him then she had Mimi, Dudley and Malcom II but then divorced and then got back together this the kid's birth may also explain why the Alto's never appeared in the other games, if you think about it really hard.
  • I think she is Darlene Bunch, maybe Darlene failed to get attention from her parents and siblings, and grew up cold and bitter and treats your Sim with little to no respect because of that, because we all know in TS3 that Darlene is DYING to get attention and even "Broke a few bones" to prove it.
  • Well, I think the only possibilities are Darlene Bunch, Holly Alto.

It could be DARLENE because: 1. Mom always nags you, like she wants attention. Darlene 'is dying for attention and has broken a few bones to prove it. 2. Because it is possible turned out quite rebelious like Lisa, so now she's older she wants, like Tamara Donner, the past to stop catching up with her. 3. Darlene is striving for attention, so she went to try her chances with Malcolm as a ploy to live like she'd envied, in a huge private house with rich parents, nice clothes and no siblings to compete with. It could be HOLLY because: 1. She always becomes Malcolm's Romantic Intrest in TS3, and moves in with him. 2. Vita and Nick appear not to care for they're goody-two shoes daughter. So they make her live with the eventually richer Landgraabs for theyr're mone 

She looks like Holly Alto but have the personality of Lisa Bunch. SaraRomania1

  • Mom is just Mom. She isn't Holly Alto - yes they are similar in small aspects but they aren't that similar. Mom is the Sim who teaches the player a little tutorial when playing The Sims: Busting Out.HanaGoth96 (talk here)Hana♥