Montez family
Name Montez family
Number of generations 1 generation
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'As a third-generation Montez, Edmund's roots run deep in Mesa Flats. He decided to buck the current trend of cat ownership by getting himself a Shiba Inu, Bailey.'
Members Edmund Montez, Bailey Montez
Funds §20,000
Other Information
Game TSPS Icon The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Family Bin
Neighborhood Mesa Flats

The Montez family is a family from Mesa Flats consisting of Edmund Montez and his dog Bailey Montez.

Edmund and his pet don't make an appearance in Stephen's Story. But, they can be seen in the family bin when the story is finished. The family bio says that his family has lived in Mesa Flats for a very long time, and he is a part of the third generation altough he doesn't have any family members in his family tree like all of the Sims in Mesa Flats.