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Trait Mooch
Mooch is a social trait and a hidden skill in The Sims 3.

Moochers can mooch food and money from their neighbors who for the most part just go along with it.


  • A Sim with mooch trait can mooch cash and food directly off other Sims.
  • When visiting other Sims' lots, the Sim can mooch food from the host's fridge!
  • Some Sims may not respond well to the Sim's mooching. Acquaintances will state refusal, while a Sim that particularly dislikes the mooch will glare back at them angrily.
  • It is more difficult for Sims to mooch off a Sim with the Frugal trait.

Unlocked interactionsEdit

  • Mooching Sims can "Have Snacks" on neighbors' lots.

Player NotesEdit

  • The amount of money that the player mooch and if the Sim's mooching is successful or not depends on many factors. For example, having a high relationship with the target Sim will usually increase the chance of a mooching being successful, and it may also increase the amount of money that the Sim gets.
  • Success rate and mooch magnitude depends on:

- The household funds of the mooch.

- The relationship score the mooch has on the other Sim.

- The mooching Sim's independent skill. This is levelled up as the Sim mooches and mooches.


Tamara Donner,Bert Alto, Olive Kipling.

See also: Category:Moochers

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