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Skill TS4 Motor

Motor is a skill category in The Sims 4. It has a special skill for children, and an aspiration dedicated to it. Motor skills are augmented by being energized. So far, Fitness is the only such skill. The child skill can be gained by playing at a playground and practicing typing at a computer.


Motor Skill is essential for all children, bet beyond simply enabling them to walk, run, and jump, Motor Skill can be focused on to build early muscles and prepare for a lifetime of fitness.

Skill MilestonesEdit

Level Ability Notes
1 Play on the Monkey Bars

Practice Typing at a Computer

2 ---
3 Ask for Typing Tips Social Interaction

Play Keyboard Commander on a Computer


Hangout on the Monkey Bars


May get a High Score Moodlet from Play Keyboard Commander

7  Get better Moodlets from the Monkey Bars
8 ---


Skill boost from the Monkey Bars

Skill boost from Playing Games on a Motion Gaming Rig or Computer

10 Playing on the Monkey Bars will sometimes give a powerful Moodlet

Aspiration MilestonesEdit

Aspiration TS4 Rambunctious Scamp
Level Name Goals
1 Energetic
  • Play on the Jungle Gym while Playful
  • Achieve Lv2 Motor Skill
2 Agile Developer
  • Achieve Lv5 Motor Skill
  • Practice Typing 4 Hours
3 Rambunctious Scamp
  • Make It Across the Monkey Bars 3 Times
  • Earn a High Score on the Typing Game
  • Achieve Lv10 Motor Skill

The reward trait, Physically Gifted, makes the Sim level up the aforementioned skill faster.