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Female Sim in the fireplace
A Sim moved with moveobjects

move_objects[TS] or moveObjects[TS2][TSS][TS3] is a cheat favored by cheaters, decorators and glitch fixers alike. Instead of being placed in usual places, furniture and other objects (including Sims) can be placed in areas where they normally wouldn't be able to go — through a wall, in the street, etc. It is also possible to delete objects which normally can't be deleted, such as objects which are seen as being in use.

This cheat has been mentioned in the readme of The Sims 2, The Sims Stories and The Sims 3.

In a Legacy Challenge, this cheat is allowed to fix glitchy objects and NPCs and interior decorating.

The Sims
Enter cheat mode:
type: CTRL + SHIFT + C
Turn the cheat on: move_objects on
Turn the cheat off: move_objects off
The Sims 2, The Sims Stories & The Sims 3
Enter cheat mode:
type: CTRL + SHIFT + C
Turn the cheat on: moveObjects on
Turn the cheat off: moveObjects off


  • It is possible to delete things which should not be deleted, such as the mailbox, the trash can, the carpool, and various portals. This could be a particular hazard in The Sims, as Buy Mode in that game did not have an Undo option.
  • In The Sims, overusing move_objects, or leaving it enabled for extended periods, has been known to cause problems such as game corruption.
  • In The Sims 3, putting a Sim on a pedestal will cause Sims to be moved off the town grid. This can be reversed by activating the teleportation cheat and having the Sim teleported to a location in the town.
  • Also in The Sims 3, deleting a chair with a Sim on it will cause the Sim to freeze. The Sim will unfreeze when the game is restarted.

Player tips Edit

  • This cheat is best used to remove stuck objects, Sims who can't get out of their chairs, or Sims who are confused and can't find their way out.
  • In The Sims. Sims deleted using this cheat will have a red "X" through their icon in the control panel. Clicking the icon will cause the Sim to reappear.
  • In The Sims 2, Sims can be deleted using this cheat if they are bugged or corrupted and will return to the mailbox when the lot is reloaded, fixing any glitches that cannot be fixed by moving Sims, such as corrupted pregnancies. This was disabled in The Sims 3.
  • If you accidentally delete someone, say you put something on them and a glitch occurs, you can use testingcheatsenabled, shift click a Sim, select "Get Family Member", and the name of the Sim; for example, "Get Family Member/Angela" It will only show the first name, so in a situation such as having Joe Davis in one family and Joe Donald in another, you may see 2 Joes.

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