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Moving is part of a Sim's life. A single Sim or an entire household can move to or from a residential lot.

Moving in Edit

Households are moved into a residential lot from the Family bin, Lots and Houses bin, Manage Worlds[TS4] or the The Gallery[TS4] making it available for play. A household can be moved into an unoccupied or occupied lot, thus merging the two households.

Until The Sims 2: University, Sims in the family bin could not be combined with other households. This feature allows teens who are becoming young adults so they can go to college to join an existing (non-Greek) household, and allows graduates to do things such as re-join their families or form households with friends from college.

Moving out Edit

A household can be moved out of a residential lot to the Family bin, the Lots and Houses bin or to another residential lot. This may be done to give a large household more room, or to allow another household to move in without merging the households.

A single Sim in The Sims could only move out of his or her current household by being asked to move in by a Sim in another. However, some custom content for The Sims allowed players to work around these limits.

In The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, single Sims are moved out by using "Find Own Place" from the newspaper or computer or by being asked to move in with a Sim in another household. They can also bring other Sims in the household with them, thus splitting the household or moving the entire household out. Teens will move out when they go to college.[TS2:U]

To move out an entire household in The Sims, the player must be in the neighborhood view. Once moved out, the household will be in the family bin.

In The Sims 2, a household can be moved with its house into the Lots and Houses bin, but doing so is not recommended, as it will corrupt the neighborhood. A household can be safely moved into the family bin without their house, but all possessions not in inventory will be sold for their current value.

In The Sims 3, a household can be moved out and then moved in without being placed in the library, not requiring the player to leave the active household. The household's possessions can be automatically placed in the family inventory upon moving.

With patch 1.55, it is also possible for Sims to move from one world to another (e.g. moving from Riverview to Bridgeport). Moving to different worlds doesn't cost anything, although Sims must have at least §20,000 on hand to allow them to move.

In The Sims 4, households can move by using the phone or computer. They get the option to keep or sell all furnishings (objects). In the latter option, the furnishings will remain in the property for the next household. This will consequently make more money available to the outgoing occupants but make the lot more expensive for the incoming occupants. If a household decides to sell all their furnishings and they own any businesses, restaurants or vet clinics in Get to Work, Dine Out and/or Cats & Dogs, these will also be sold back to the community. These businesses, restaurants or vet clinics will need to be purchased as unfurnished lots by whoever wants them.

Tutorial Edit