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Mr. Bones was a renowned actor/dancer/skeleton in Magic Town, who was mentioned in The Sims: Makin' Magic. There are two objects named after him in Buy Mode.

  • Mr. Bones Does Broadway

In this highly collectible antique poster print, famed Magic Town actor/dancer/skeleton Mr. Bones dances the "Skinless Shuffle" to promote his immensely popular musical revue, "Not Without My Tibia." The poster created quite a bit of controversy due to Mr. Bones' "scandalously skinny" appearance, and was quickly pulled from print. His critics were livid: "Our children look up to Mr. Bones, and right now he's setting a very bad example by being undead."

  • Mr. Bones' Favorite Haunt

Once hailed as the "spirit" of Magic Town, Mr. Bones' love for drink and debauchery remains legendary - to this day, scientists and alchemists alike are trying to figure out how a walking skeleton held his drink. Distinguish your business as one of the more haunting establishments with this stunning likeness of the "man" himself, dressed for a night on the town.

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