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The MySims logo.

MySims (previously known by the working title The Sims Wii), is a game series developed and published by Electronic Arts as a spinoff to The Sims franchise. The first game was released for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS in 2007, and for Microsoft Windows and mobile phones in 2008. So far, there have been five sequels: MySims Kingdom, MySims Party, MySims Racing, MySims Agents, and MySims SkyHeroes.

MySims is similar to the games in the original The Sims series, but many things have been changed. The inhabitants are now blocky, anime-style figures, instead of realistic humans, but still speak Simlish. Unlike Sims in The Sims series, the characters in MySims don't have any needs such as having to eat or sleep. Another difference from The Sims series is the ability to build virtually anything in the game, even furniture and appliances, by using a selection of building blocks, rather than selecting objects from catalogs in Buy mode and Build mode and placing them while game time is paused.

In The Sims 2: FreeTime, Sims can buy MySims as a video game. In The Sims 4, a video game called MySims Go! unlocks at Level 4 of the Video Gaming skill.

Despite the stylistic differences between the two games, MySims seems to take place in the same universe as The Sims. Elmira Clamp, a character introduced in MySims, explains her strict upbringing of her nephew Ian Arneson on the fact that she herself was brought up by a strict woman named Auntie Crumplebottom, almost certainly an allusion to the character Mrs. CrumpleBottom who appears in The Sims 2: Nightlife. Alexa Lexington, another MySims character, mentions that she is a graduate of Sim State University, a location from The Sims 2: University.

Several characters who debuted in the MySims series have made appearances in The Sims games:

  • Several sculptures made available in buy mode in The Sims 2: FreeTime and for witches to create in The Sims 2: Apartment Life are of MySims characters, including Roxie Road in the former and Wendalyn the Witch in the latter.
  • Vincent Skullfinder, a deceased Sim who is buried in the graveyard in Sunset Valley in The Sims 3, is based on the MySims character Sir Vincent Skullfinder. It is unknown if his death is also canonical within the MySims games.
  • With The Sims 3: Generations installed, Sims may tell one another ghost stories as a social interaction, with speech bubbles appearing over their heads to illustrate the story for the player. One of the pictures that appears is of Morcubus, the main antagonist of the MySims series. His appearance is the same as in the MySims sequels (a stylized anime character, but with black hair, as opposed to the red hair he wore in the first MySims game).
  • The BFF household from Willow Creek in The Sims 4 is made up of three characters who are based on characters who appeared in the MySims games: Summer Holiday (Summer), Travis Scott (Travis), and Liberty Lee (Liberty). The household bio implies a romantic rivalry between best friends Summer and Liberty over Travis, a reference to the characters' storyline in MySims Kingdom. The name of their home, Garden Essence, is a reference to Essences, one of the key game mechanics in several of the MySims games.
  • The Sims 4 has a collection of MySims Trophies, which link to the main characters of the game.

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