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The NPC and Townie Maker Gun

The NPC and Townie Maker is a cheat object which can be accessed by using testingcheatsenabled. It was first introduced in The Sims 2: FreeTime. When spawned, it appears as a repo gun lying on the ground.

How to accessEdit

The NPC and Townie maker can be accessed by pressing "CTRL", "SHIFT", and "C" and entering boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat box. When holding "SHIFT" and clicking on a Sim, one of the options that should appear is "Spawn". When clicking on "Spawn", one of the options is "NPC and Townie Maker". This option will not appear or work if FreeTime or a later pack isn't installed. If the player tries to access the NPC and Townie Maker with testingcheatsenabled with Nightlife, an old version of the NPC and Townie Maker will appear as a spooky tree.[1]


Some of the things the NPC and Townie Maker can do are:

  • Randomize a Sim's Name.
  • Turn a townie into a social class townie.
  • Turn a townie into a downtownie.
  • Turn a downtownie into a social class townie and vice versa.
    • However, the NPC and Townie Maker can not be used to turn special downtownies (such as Dateable Diva and Mr. Big or Dateable Slobs) into social class Sims.
  • Generate a Townie
  • Generate an NPC
  • Generate a Downtownie
  • Generate a Social Class Townie
  • Change a Sim's Clothes
  • Change a Sim's Appearance
  • Generate Replacement Townies and NPCs


  1. Step 4a) of this thread mentions an NPC and Townie maker that looks like a dead willow tree.