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Nectar racks
Nectar rack necteaux many
Nectar racks at the nectary

Nectar Racks are storage containers introduced in The Sims 3: World Adventures. Their primary function is to store Nectar in basements to allow it to age. Each rack can hold 15 bottles and takes up 1x2 spaces. Even though the rack is in the middle of two depth squares it occupies, it can be placed up against walls. Both racks can be found in the buy menu under Storage -> Misc.

The more expensive rack ages Nectar faster than the cheaper one. Only two nectar racks can be placed on top of each other.

Flavor Savor Nectar RackEdit

Flavor Savor Nectar Rack
Object flavor savor nectar rack
Game The Sims 3: World Adventures
Buyable Buy mode
Price §550
Type Others
Size 1x2

The Flavor Savor is great for Nectar enthusiasts who are just entering the world of Nectarology. Designed with the perfect balance between function and cost, this Nectar rack will age the Nectar bottles just fine.

The NecteauxEdit

The Necteaux
Object the necteaux nectar rack
Game The Sims 3: World Adventures
Buyable Buy mode
Price §1200
Type Others
Size 1x2

Crafted by the legendary Nectar making family, the Necteaux's, this Nectar Rack was designed to provide the highest quality aging elements, while still retaining a sense of deep fashion and style that the Necteaux's could only provide.

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