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Never nude sim shower swimwear

A never nude Sim showering with swim wear on.

Trait Never Nude
Never Nude is a physical trait in The Sims 3.

Never Nudes despise nudity and will never, ever, completely remove all of their clothing.


  • Sims don't like being naked. They will shower and bathe in their swimwear.
  • Sims cannot skinny dip in pool or hot tub.
  • Sims will streak in their underwear, instead of nude.[TS3:UL]

Player notesEdit

  • If Sims have the Insane trait as well, they might end up having a shower in their everyday wear.
  • This is a reference to the show 'Arrested Development', where the character Tobias Fünke has this disorder.

Premade Sims who are Never NudeEdit

Rhett Funke, Gobias Koffi, Norman Joy

See also: Category:Sims who are never nude

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