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Reading the newspaper (TS3)
A Sim reading the newspaper.

The newspapers provide the player with information and some services, such as job listings and moving services. Reading the newspaper also gives some Fun.

The newspaper appears to be written and published by the broadsheet The SimCity Chronicle.

The Sims Edit

The newspaper is delivered by Nancy the Paper Girl at around 9 AM. It will have one job listing, and can be read for Fun. If Superstar is installed, she also delivers a tabloid which allows a Sim to get an agent, thereby entering the Fame track. It also gives some information about famous Sims, such as which ones currently have the highest starpower. If there are too many unrecycled newspapers on the lot, no new papers will be delivered until they are recycled.

The Sims 2 Edit


In The Sims 2, the newspaper is delivered by a Teen, and usually arrives shortly after 7 AM every day. The newspaper can be read for Fun, and also allows Sims to:

  • Find a job (There will be three job listings.)
  • Find a job for a pet [TS2:P]
  • Get information about the weather [TS2:S]
    • Builds Science enthusiasm in FreeTime
  • Move out by clicking on 'Find Own Place'
  • Do the crossword, which increases Logic.
    • Builds Games enthusiasm in FreeTime
  • Make a paper airplane for fun.
  • Read the Hobby sections unlocked when Sims gain enthusiasm in hobbies [TS2:FT]
  • Find a roommate [TS2:AL]

The paper-boy/girl will stop delivering the paper if there are too many on the lot. To get rid of them, Sims can recycle them, or hire a maid. With Open for Business, a CleanBot will vacuum up old newspapers. With Seasons they can also be put in the compost bin. If the newspaper is outdoors, and a Sim who is furious with someone in the household comes past, they may steal the newspaper and run off with it. This may happen even if a Sim is holding - or reading - the paper. In addition, a mean Sim who comes by may steal the paper even if they don't know anyone in the household, or even if they are friends with one of the household members. Players should note that if the thief is interrupted after picking up the paper, the paper will probably still disappear. So, while a SentryBot[OFB] may react to a Sim who intends to steal a newspaper, it will often be unable to prevent the theft itself. However, the player can use the moveobjects cheat and move the newspaper to an inaccessible location, or move it inside the house. The would-be thief would walk towards it, be unable to get at it, and leave, aborting the theft entirely. Also, if an old newspaper is on the ground near the current newspaper, it might be stolen instead of the current newspaper.

In a college sub-neighborhood, the newspaper will be delivered to private houses, but apparently will not be delivered to dormitories. If a private house is chartered as a Greek house, it appears that the newspaper will continue to be delivered, but it may or may not be delivered to premade Greek houses.

The Sims 3 Edit

Newspaper - The Sims 3
In The Sims 3, the newspaper is delivered by a child in the morning everyday at around 8:30am. Sometimes the paper boy/girl will refuse to deliver if there are more than five unrecycled newspapers on the lot.

In The Sims 3, the newspaper allows Sims to:

  • Find a job or a profession
  • Check Weekly Events (Chess tournaments, eating contests, etc.)
  • Read (Shows random events such as a nearby family moving away, news of a baby being born, and a death of a Sim).
  • Find Discount Classes.
  • If a Sim has the Frugal trait, they can "Clip Coupons" which offer discounts at the local shops for a limited time.
  • If Late Night is installed, the paper will show hotspots via the interaction "Read".
  • If Pets is installed, a Sim can check for neighborhood adoptions or adopt a pet from the shelter.
  • If Seasons is installed, a Sim can check the weather forecast (though the forecast is somewhat less accurate than the one in the weather channel).

Players can now cancel the paper delivery by calling services.


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