The Nighthowl Saloon is a Wild-West inspired saloon in Deadtree. It is run by Hoot Howell and his younger sister, Annie.

In the saloon, the player can buy drinks, and can participate in the mini-game, Howlin' Hoedown. Howlin' Hoedown is where the player, and other NPCs in the bar linedance to country songs.

One of Roberta Rossum's legs can be found in the saloon. It is used as a leg for one of the tables by the entrance.

The Nighthowl Saloon is also an important location for three missions: discovering the identity of the Nightbeast (who is actually Annie), discovering Virginya Feng's secret (she is a vampire), and finding Roberta Rossum's leg.

Sims who reside in the Nighthowl SaloonEdit