Oasis Springs Commercial District
Oasis Springs Commercial District
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Oasis Springs Commercial District
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Oasis Springs Commercial District Map
Name Oasis Springs Commercial District
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Oasis Springs Commercial District is the commercial neighborhood located in Oasis Springs. The neighborhood contains four different public lots.


The Futures PastEdit

The Futures Past
The Futures Past


Type: Museum
Value: §92,247
Size: 30x20
Number of floors: 3
The Futures Past is a three-story museum. The ground floor hosts the lot's bathrooms, a bar and objects to view on pedestals. The first and second floors present paintings. There is also an easel which can be used.

The Solar FlareEdit

The Solar Flare
The Solar Flare


Type: Lounge
Value: §61,980
Size: 30x20
Number of floors: 2
The Solar Flare is a lounge located in the center of the commercial district. It is a two-story, modern designed, high end lounge. The lot features a bar, loveseats, tables and chairs, a microphone, violin and guitar and toilets.

Burners & BuildersEdit

Burners & Builders
Burners & Builders


Type: Gym
Value: §95,604
Size: 40x30
Number of floors: 1
Burners & Builders is the gym in Oasis Springs. It is a one-story building that features Gym equipment. The gym's equipment includes treadmills, weight machines and punching bags. The lot also hosts wall-mounted TVs and a 'locker area' with toilets and showers.

Rattlesnake JuiceEdit

Rattlesnake Juice
Rattlesnake Juice 1


Type: Bar
Value: §84,723
Size: 30x20
Number of floors: 1
Rattlesnake Juice is a one-story bar featuring public bathrooms, a restaurant-like area with a bar, and a lounge-like zone with some loveseats and a TV. It can be converted to a nightclub through "Manage Worlds".


Neighborhood amenitiesEdit

Oasis Springs Commercial District Barbecues And Benches

Barbecues and benches

Oasis Springs Commercial District Playground

Oasis Springs Commercial District's playground

The surrounding area of the commercial district features a number of fishing spots, a pirate-themed playscape and monkey bars, a fountain, bunch of tables and chairs, barbecue grills and a number of items scattered around the region to collect.