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Old Farm Square
Come on down to Old Farm Square and feel the magic you missed when it was new!

Old Farm Square is a Downtown lot in The Sims: Hot Date. It is located at 27 Main Street.

The House Party version of Old Farm Square is a Western themed club with many western themed items from The Sims: House Party. There is also a large dance floor with a DJ Booth and a mechanical bull. The non-House Party version is a generic upscale club. There is still a dance floor, but it is wooden, and the DJ booth is replaced by a jukebox.

All versions of Old Farm Square have a fairly fancy restaurant, the decor of which will match the decor of the club. All versions of the lot have an arcade area with 4 slot machines and 2 pinball machines, and a small study. There is a bar and a pool table in all versions, but the non-House Party version has three pool tables.

Part of the building is taken up by a flower shop, which has a separate entrance. In front, there is a swing and some fountains.