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Olsson household
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Olsson household
'When Oskar lost his wife, Anna, he thought his life wouldn't go on. But it did! He moved in with his life long best friend Emil and they spent many happy years together in the sunset of their lives. When Oskar lost Emil, he thought his life wouldn't go on. And it didn't! But the bonds of friendship were too strong for the afterlife, so Emil and Oskar still spend their ghostly existence together in Aurora Skies.'
Name Olsson household
Members Oskar Olsen, Emil Olsson
Lot 32 Livingstone Street
Funds §13,000
Difficulty level Difficulty2
Other Information
Game TS3AS Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Aurora Skies
The Olsson household is from the downloadable neighborhood of Aurora Skies. It consists of the best friends, Oskar Olsen and Emil Olsson, who are both playable ghosts. Oskar's unplayable deceased wife, Anna Olsen, is buried in the local graveyard.

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