This is the list of community event special opportunities. Every week, community events will occur randomly throughout the town, located on random community lots that have blue star map tag from the map view. The game determines 2 random community events that will occur during the week every Sunday at 8 AM. Sims can check weekly event from the newspaper to see what events will occur during the week, their locations, and the days. In The Sims 3: Pets, community events that involve pets are 5 times as likely to be selected if the active household contains any respective pet species.

Sims can simply visit the community lot in order to receive the opportunity, unless the Sim has already had another opportunity in special category. Once Sims arrive at the lot, the players will be prompted to accept the opportunity. All of these opportunities expire in one day, and as soon as Sims leave the lot, they will instantly fail the opportunity. Sims cannot receive the same opportunity on the same day more than once if they have cancelled or failed it.