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Origin Store and Users
Snapshot of the Origin storefront.

Origin (formerly known as EA Download Manager or EADM) is the digital distribution service developed by EA. Origin is used to download and install digital versions of purchased games as well as their updates. Origin is the chief competitor to Valve's Steam content distribution service. Origin has been a mandatory requirement for all EA titles released since 2011.

History Edit


The first rendition of the EADM


The final rendition of EADM before it was re-branded to Origin.

The service was initially launched as EA Downloader in 2005 and was used to distribute Battlefield 2 expansion packs. The service was re-branded as EA Download Manager in 2007 and purchases from the EA Store were downloaded via the EADM client.

The EA Store and EADM client were merged and re-branded as Origin in June 2011.

Comparisons and differences between Origin and Steam Edit

  • Both services supply The Sims 3 and all of its expansion packs.
  • Both services distribute games from third-party developers.
  • Origin supplies exclusive content for EA games which isn't available via Steam or retail.
  • Origin requires a separate download and install for each expansion pack, Steam downloads and installs them all together.
  • Steam installs expansion packs and stuff packs as DLC and requires the content to be launched from the base game whereas with Origin, you would launch from the latest released or installed expansion/stuff pack. Steam also downloads any owned expansions with the base game meaning they're always installed together whereas they're standalone installs on Origin.

Relation to The Sims series Edit

The Sims 4 is the first title in the series to require Origin for installation, although the game can be played without it afterwards.[1] The service is used for updates and distribution of downloadable content.

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